Housing Market is Hot – To List or Sell with an iBuyer


An iBuyer is a new way to both buy and sell homes. Rising in popularly, selling your home to an iBuyer allows you to bypass many of the steps required for traditional home selling and buying methods. When you’re thinking about selling a home to an iBuyer is a streamlined process where you go to a website, enter your home’s address and fill out a questionnaire. The iBuyer then sends you any cash offers on your home instantly. Fast and easy, using an iBuyer offers a variety of benefits over traditional methods.

It’s a Seller’s Market

The current housing market heavily favors sellers. With historically low mortgage interest rates and a dwindling inventory across the country, sellers can attract attention almost instantly upon listing a property. Using an iBuyer, you can list your house and sit back while the offers roll in. It is up to you whether you would like to move forward with any offer. Depending on your personal preferences, a transaction can close in a matter of days. Take advantage of current market conditions and sell your property quickly with an iBuyer.

Instant Offer Options

Using an iBuyer eliminates major pain points in the traditional buying and selling process. Sellers who need to sell their home fast, possibly for job relocation or other reason, can use an iBuyer to quickly acquire cash offers on their home within a day or two. The fast influx of cash can then be used to either rent or buy a new place elsewhere. For home sellers who want to sell a property and buy a new one simultaneously, an iBuyer can help you avoid having two mortgages at one time. An all-cash offer can be made on a perspective home. When the offer is accepted an iBuyer will generally go through the home upon taking possession, and make any renovations the home may need for the buyer who’s looking to move in. By taking advantage of the cash offer, you do not have to worry about getting the home market ready with any renovations.

Full Flexibility and Selling Control

Though iBuyer transactions tend to execute fast, they are not required to. If you prefer to stick around your house for a while, you should also be able to choose your own closing date. You can even choose to stay in your home for a few more days after closing. A great option for people who want to avoid the juggling act of buying and selling a house simultaneously, an iBuyer will work with you to avoid any financial mishaps. Allowing you the flexibility and control over both the buying and selling process, an iBuyer simplifies your real estate transactions.


Traditional methods for selling a home involves assuming some risks and some level of uncertainty. A deal could easily fall through for a vast number of reasons. For example, a buyer might back out if their mortgage application is rejected, a home’s appraisal comes in too low, and much more. In contrast, the risk of a deal falling through when using an iBuyer is exceptionally low. Having an unparalleled level of assurance that a deal will close is invaluable for a seller.

Lengthy, complicated, expensive and prone to unexpected results, the traditional process of buying or selling a home can be stressful. Simplifying complex real estate transactions, iBuyers work to buy and sell homes as painlessly as possible. Offering a high level of certainty that a transaction will close, you will instantly be able to purchase a new home. Take advantage of the current bustling housing market by using an iBuyer to buy and sell with ease.


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