House Demolition in Melbourne


If you’re in the Melbourne, Australia neighborhood, then you’ll want to know that sometimes when a new house gets built in a location, sometimes you’ve simply got to get the job done to remove the old one. This is known as house demolition, and there are specific things that you’ll want to look for, particularly a house demolition company, to get the job done for you. You probably don’t have all of the tools that are necessary, let alone the experience, or the time, therefore you want a team of true professionals to do the job. This isn’t all they do though. In this guide, we’ll get into that.

Total Destruction

This is known as complete demolition of a home. You’ll want your licensed and certified team of demolition experts to properly inspect the building (for numerous safety hazards), get any permits that are required by the area, shut off utilities like electricity, gas, water, and even sewer, and then start the demolition process. One thing to look for other than that everyone on the team is a licensed and certified contractor with insurance, is that the team will also haul all of the debris that is left by them so you’re not liable for the mess.

Interior Demolition

This is commonly known as selective demolition, or an interior strip-out. This is when a demolition team will strip out all of the components inside of a home in a certain designated area, and is more prone to be done when you’re going to be doing things like a custom remodel or renovation afterwards. You can find a separate team of contractors, or sometimes you can find a demo crew that also does construction and can even do the renovation for you with the right team of professionals.

Partial Demolition

This is very similar to selective demolition. Sometimes it can mean the same thing, but other times it can literally mean that rather than destroying the home completely, a demolition crew simply takes out part of a home.

For example, if you have an attached extra bedroom that is jutting out at the end of your home, and you’re wanting to expand in a different direction, a true professional demolition company can actually help you completely wipe out that extra bedroom so that you can do the remodeling and reconstruct your home the way you want.
While this applies for remodels as well, this can literally be just removing a room in your home and walling it off, for example.


When in Melbourne, you’ll often want the right crew to do the job, and that’s where you can count on Bison Demolition Group to help. They specialize in all avenues of not only residential and house demolition, but also partial demolition, strip-outs, and even commercial demolition. If you have a home that has traces of asbestos, they even have the experience to help you remove it properly, and can even help you clear your land should you be getting it ready for building that new dream home you’re purchasing.

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