Home Removals in Times of COVID-19: Things To Keep in Mind While Moving House During the Pandemic

In June 2021, first-time house buyers accounted for 31 percent of total house sales in the US, and second-home buyers bought 14 percent of houses. If you are among the few individuals who have managed to snag a new home amidst the US’s rising prices and mortgage rates, you are among the luckiest individuals.

If you’re wondering if you can move house during the pandemic, the government has confirmed that it’s permissible even during the lockdown. Additionally, the government has allowed home removals companies to operate during the restrictions. Such companies will help you shift from point A to point b safely and assist with the packing and other details of moving.

However, before you decide on a house removal agency, here are a few things to keep in mind. From asking the right questions to getting ready for moving, we will walk you through everything in this article.

Ask the Right Questions

The first and the most crucial step is to ask your mover all the right questions. You must inquire about how they will ensure the safety of their employees and you from coronavirus.

Start with basic questions like whether social distancing will be followed, what personal protective equipment will be used, and the hygiene protocol for hands and face? Also, confirm whether the employees are trained in coronavirus safety and the vehicles/equipment are sanitized?

Look for a company that answers all of these questions in the affirmative and has an efficient safety protocol in place. This will help you keep safe from the coronavirus and curb the spread in case someone is infected.

Opt For Remote Pre-Move Survey

While most house removals companies will provide a readymade quote based on area, amount of cargo, and distance, some or other surprises may invariably pop up. It’s best to get a pre-move survey done for the house removals company to assess the number of items to be moved, figure out any challenges, and understand your plans regarding the move.

In the pandemic, it’s best to avoid any home visits and stick to video calling through popular platforms like ZOOM. Additionally, some companies provide online inventory forms and phone consultations for pre-move surveys.

Ensure You Get the Booking Done for Desired Dates

According to a survey conducted by Pollfish in December 2020, 20% more Americans are moving in 2021 than in 2020. The moving services are quite in demand this year and are likely to have a packed calendar. Therefore, it will help your cause to get ahead of the game and book home removals services in advance.

In case you can delay your move, you can opt for a provisional booking. This means that the company reserves its resources, including the crew, vehicle, and equipment, for when you’re finally ready to move. Work with your point of contact at the house removals company to work around the provisional date without paying additional charges.

Create a Game Plan For the Move

While the house removals service will help you with every step of the move, you can get some pre-move formalities out of the way. Start with changing your address on utility services and informing the new address to your circle. The next important step is to declutter. Channel your inner Marie Kondo, decide what sparks joy in you and comes with you to the new house, donate and recycle the rest.

Plan ahead about where everything will go in your new house. This will help you organize packing as you can pack stuff for individual rooms or spaces together in a box and label them. This will also help the moving crew to speed things up when unloading at the new house.

This is also the perfect time to shop for whatever you need for the new place, like curtains, furniture, and other necessities, and have them delivered to the new address.

Get a Head Start On Packing

The House Removals company will take care of packing, loading, and unloading your belongings. However, you can pack stuff on your own like clothes, books, trophies, and more. Additionally, there might be valuables in your possession like vintage and fragile artifacts, jewelry, and other such stuff that you wouldn’t want the removal service to handle.

Following the above steps will ensure that your move during the pandemic is uneventful and goes smoothly. Ensure to compare several home removals services and their quotes to pick the one that fits your requirements.