Home Remodeling and Maintenance Jobs Best Left to the Professionals


Preserving the comfort, functionality and value of any home should be the top priority for homeowners. If there is any purchase in life where the sticker price doesn’t reflect the true cost of ownership, then it is home ownership. Over the years, many thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and upgrades will sooner or later become inevitable.

For those with older homes or who simply want a change of scenery, remodeling and repairing various aspects can be a must. While some of these projects can be DIYed, others are too sensitive not to be trusted to the professionals.

As such, let’s look at which major remodeling and maintenance jobs require an expert.

Jobs Where Material Costs Are Immense

One of the biggest reasons why home owners decide to go DIY with remodeling or maintenance projects is because of cost. There are thousands of potential home improvement jobs, each offering unique challenges and cost breakdowns. In many situations, the cost of labor far outweighs the cost of materials: this is often a valid initial factor in considering a DIY solution.

However, with respect to projects that have a much higher material cost than labor cost, leaving this to the professionals is recommended. One example is a full kitchen remodel, as outlined by Honey Doers in Minneapolis in a recent blog post. Simply put, non-professionals can make many mistakes, leading to expensive costs due to material loss. Likewise, if labor costs aren’t astronomical, you’re not going to save much money doing it yourself anyway (and could even lose some if you botch the job).

Jobs Where Safety Is a Concern

Safety should always come first – whenever danger is possible, why take a chance on harming yourself when it isn’t necessary? There are many DIY home improvement projects that homeowners can pursue with little to no risk, but some of the bigger projects may involve big risks, such as electrical wiring. It is situations like these where saving a bit of money doesn’t balance out the potential danger to your health.

Some projects may pose little risk to you and your family directly, but could harm the structural integrity of the home. It’s important to use commonsense in these cases and hand over the responsibility to a licensed and bonded remodeling or maintenance professional.

Jobs Where Permitting Is Required

Last but not least, the process of securing proper permits and paperwork for select renovations and maintenance can be a pain. Generally speaking, these permits are required because the nature of the work is difficult and/or dangerous. As such, this is an automatic indicator of a task that should be left to professionals. If you’re going to need a permit, ask yourself whether you want to handle yet another obstacle or instead use professionals to get the job done.

While saving money is often a huge motivating factor in DIY renovations and remodeling, it shouldn’t cost you risk. Whether it be personal injury, loss of money or tons of paperwork, some projects are better suited for experts. As such, be sure to ask yourself if you are in one of these three situations before embarking on any DIY project that might be beyond your proverbial pay-grade.

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