Home perimeter alarm systems: benefits and uses


A Perimeter alarm is a gadget with sensors that trigger an alert when movement inside a property is recognized. With a perimeter device installed, you can easily detect and record footage of any intruder or crime, for example, break-in, defacing, robbery, and other potential violations inside your property.

With a perimeter alarm system set up on your front gate, you can easily detect any movements around your property line. You can also monitor and receive alerts through your phone. Home security devices like motion sensors provide you with an overview of your property via live feed. Perimeter security are part of home security signs, cover the entry points of the property and extend past long driveways covering the blind spots.

If you are on a long drive with your family and an intruder attempts to come near your front door, you will immediately get an alert. This will help to take action before the intruder reaches your front gate or garage. With that, you can turn on the siren and call the authorities. But when it comes to securing your sites and assets, you need to employ the most trusted access control security sydney.

alarm system

Having home perimeter security will give you peace of mind and protection to your home. Hiring experts in Burglar Alarm Installation Cambridge to secure your home and property is necessary if you want the best security working 24/7. Indeed, it provides you an advantage over burglars. If you wish, you can integrate your perimeter alarms with the security system that is capable of providing increased security to your family from any intrusion.

The security company offers that sense of safety to property owners from intruders, burglaries, and other common types of intrusions before they take place. With the help of trusted security brands like Simplisafe or ADT security systems the likelihood of break-ins reduces significantly.

The most common type of secure perimeter cameras cover fence, wall, more open space and deter the intruders. Pir motion sensors around the fences and walls help to create a barrier for intruders and doesn’t let you compromise on the security front and withstand the crimes. All these parameters are common in nature and are inexpensive and are good solutions to deal with intrusions. But one must know that these alone cannot do the required job, it is always better to have security systems installed in both your home and office. Here you can find the best alarm systems palmerston north.

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Different types of Perimeter Security Systems

Before knowing which system can protect your property better, it is essential to know what are different perimeter systems available in the market. Here is a curated list of a few perimeter systems trending in the market:

Different types of Perimeter Security Systems

1. Microwave barrier perimeter alarm

Microwave barrier perimeter alarms are an excellent device to be installed outdoors. These generate microwave beams which trigger the alarm systems if someone crosses your premises. So if someone enters the protected areas, the security devices will detect intrusions and send the signal to alarm to make you aware. Microwave barriers or otherwise known as microwave beams are great for outdoor areas. It is also accurate with finding the target and prevents false alarms.

2. Buried motion sensors

Buried sensors are effective in detecting intrusions. When placed under the ground, these smart technology sensors detect any motion through the electromagnetic field and send a signal to the alarm system.

Benefits include, they are not visible to others and only homeowners know the access points and the locations of sensors. So this covers a large area and makes the detection process easy because of the hidden motion sensors.

3. Perimeter alarm with fence detection

Perimeter Alarms with fence detection works through vibration sensors to detect movement in your property. It detects a burglar before they cross the wall where sensors are placed with the help of motion sensor technology. So this gives a signal before a person enters.

Perimeter alarm with fence detection

Key Benefits of installing a perimeter security system at home

Perimeter security systems provide advance home security to your home. These systems have a good precision and can easily figure out false alarms, which can be caused due to dogs, storm, etc. which are the major reason for false triggered alarms. These devices are passive and can monitor and protect your property.

Key Benefits of installing a perimeter security system at home

Considerations when choosing a perimeter alarm system

Considerations when choosing a perimeter alarm system

There are a lot of different permiter alarms available in the market, choosing the best one becomes difficult. So here we have discussed some points that you must consider before getting any perimeter alarms

Motion sensors

The motion sensor is used to detect any kind of movement happening on your property. But sometimes, motion sensors can send false notifications resulting in false alarms, so these notifications must be first identified by someone who is monitoring.

Weather proof and Weather resistant

A perimeter alarm is supposed to be highly resistant to any weather conditions to work properly. So that even in rain or fog, you can check your driveway and property line without any issues.

Accurate detection

Alarms that are not of high quality can trigger false alarms even if there is a strong wind coming or even if a dog is running in your backyard. So to avoid these false alerts, you must choose a device with sensors that have a good range to avoid false alarms.

Outdoor security camera quality

The quality of one outdoor security camera is an important factor to consider. A good camera will always give you an upper hand with intruders. It can take the reliability to a whole new level by providing access to better focus on criminals. Better footage and images help police as well.

Outdoor security camera quality

Video analytics

Video analytics is a broad term used for a technology that processes a video using an algorithm for home security. If any intruders try to enter the property, this will detect with the help of video analytics and informs the system.

Video analytics

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the monitoring of a particular area or space for security reasons. It observes any activity or improper actions happening in that area to provide better security. The settings of all the factors and coverage are done so that it records every moment for the survey.

Video surveillance

Detection range

The best parameter alarm or driveway must cover a wide range that you can detect an intruder more accurately in the large area of your property. If the range is good, it can search for any person or animal who attempts to enter the premises.

Professional monitoring

Professional monitoring is done by a team of professionals in the security company that monitors your property during the day and at night. If someone attempts to break in through the window, they protect by immediately taking action. Professional monitoring has so many advantages as these services give an established connection between the property and the team. If you have limited contact with your security system or are less active, it is best to talk to the team and activate professional monitoring. This also comes with battery backup, which means the outdoor and indoor cameras, including all the door locks and gate alarms, etc., will work even if there is a power cut.

Professional monitoring

Window alarms

Windows are one of the easiest targets for intrusions, as these are the easy gateways to get inside any house. These alarms do not have any wires and are easy to install. Imagine you have valuables in the room. If a burglar tries to take your belongings, you will have convenience in catching notifications and securing your spaces without compromising security.

Window alarms

Thermal cameras

These are used for surveillance. Thermal cameras can detect things that are not visible to a normal camera. Unlike normal cameras, these can picture things without a good amount of light present in the area. It covers a huge area, which can help you catch evidence to describe anything that occurs. Additionally, it also creates shadows of the objects that are not at a site in the night.

Outdoor siren systems

Outdoor siren systems are basically warning systems designed to alert all who are outside for any coming danger. It is a significant feature for the users, as it can identify any danger and sound an alarm for people’s safety. These technologies are also used in securing businesses, companies, etc.

Outdoor siren systems

Perimeter Alarms System FAQs

What are perimeter security systems?

The perimeter security system includes integrated systems set up in the surrounding homes and inside the area to protect it from intruders. It sends signals or notifications to the person monitoring the place if any unwanted activity happens inside or around the security perimeter. These systems have been very helpful as they warn owners in advance to take necessary actions.

How does a perimeter house alarm work?

Perimeter alarms work by installing vibrations sensors throughout the property, which detect all the possible intrusions and detect potential criminals before any mishappening. This equipment operates and informs the authority through signals if anyone tries to cross the property’s boundaries.

How do you set up a perimeter alarm?

Perimeter alarm can be set up in the boundaries of your property, in soil, on door and window. It is not very difficult to install these, though you can take professional help to install these alarms.

What are perimeter sensors?

Perimeter sensors are used for protecting your property. This sensor emits infrared waves, passive infrared beams, or light-detecting sensors to monitor the property. In case of any footfall gets detected, it sends a notification to the system, which then alerts the property owners through a loud siren. These sensors emit signals in any given environmental conditions.

How do you secure a perimeter of a house?

Following are a few ways in which you can secure a perimeter of a house

  • By adding proper light in surroundings
  • putting up fences and walls
  • installing an access control system
  • by the installation of multi-layer security

What is the perimeter zone on an alarm system?

Perimeter zone is essentially the area equipped with sensors in your property. This gives you a sign or alerts you of threat, if anything suspicious happening on your property, the alarms get activated, this way it protects your family from thieves, burglars, etc.

What is a laser security system?

Laser security system works through laser light or light sensor to give perimeter protection to your property. It works in big gardens, garages, and roofs by creating an invisible wall for any intrusion by triggering the defense alarms.

What is the best perimeter security?

Best perimeter security is a ground radar system, which detects both vehicles and people from a good distance.

What security measures can enhance perimeter and external security?

A fence line, big walls, big gates, etc., can be put to enhance perimeter and external security. But take note that these are not prepared to be the ultimate solution for your security and can be disrupted. But these can be combined with the company’s security systems to get powered and better security.

What are the types of perimeter barriers?

There are different categories of perimeter barrier,

  • Motion sensors
  • Ground radar system
  • Microwave barrier
  • Fiber-optic detection system
  • Electrostatic field disturbance sensors
  • Spot vibration sensors
  • Access control system
  • Security cameras



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