Hiring House Painters Made Easy in 5-steps – Your Checklist to Hiring the Best


The quickest way to give your home or office a facelift is a thorough paint job. It is one of those 180-degree makeovers that will require a professional team to have the best results. When hiring a paint contractor, you need to understand that there will probably be quite a few in your local area alone. So, how to make the right choice – one that will provide you the best rates yet perform admirably?

Here are the top five factors you need to consider before signing the contract papers.

Online research

Most modern painting contractors maintain websites or, at the very least social media sites. Before you hire, you need to prepare a shortlist based on the quality on offer at each service. So, you need to do background research. Leverage the internet and take a peek into the service website and social media pages. Look closely at the user reviews and ratings to gauge the customer satisfaction from the past clients. Ask your friends, family members, and neighbors for a quick check if you are still in doubt.

Customer references

Once you have the shortlist, don’t just head over to the nearest service and ask for house painting rates in Westport, CT. Make sure to ask for customer references from the past work done. A qualified and professional paint contractor will have no qualms about sharing references with a prospective client. Keep in mind there are several ways to ask about references, and the simplest one is to ask for a company portfolio.

Pro-tip: You can call the client number to verify the reference provided to you by the service.

License and insurance

The hallmark of a quality paint contractor and service are valid documents, including license and insurance. It is never a great idea to hire a non-insured service to work at your premises. Insurance ensures protection and coverage in case of an accident or mishap while at the job at your property. Additionally, licensure is a valid and legal permit. The failure to produce one is a criminal offense punishable by law.

Enquire about guarantees

Guarantees are synonymous with the work quality. Not every contractor offers them. So, it is vital to ask your questions regarding the matter of warranties. Remember, a professional service will provide you with both short and long-term warranty. Additionally, keep in mind that you should present every detail of the negotiation as a formal quotation. Avoid verbal deals and gentleman’s agreements.  Do remember any guarantee of 3-4 years on the quality of the work is a great deal, especially for the outdoor paint.

Ask about the specifics

Every painter has a specific way of working. However, you need to remember that the team will be working at your premises. So, you need to prepare your home or office accordingly. So it is vital to enquire about all the specifics, like appointment time to the nitty-gritty of packing and pets during the initial negotiations.

Once you know the requisites and specifics, hiring a painting contractor is easy. Follow our checklist and hire the best.

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