Hiring Home Renovation Experts


Home renovations and additions are not just a great opportunity for the homeowner in terms of more space, better comfort and updating a room. The best renovations and home additions Perth also adds value to the property and makes it easier to sell to buyers because of its improved appeal. In order to have the work done to high standards, you need to look for experts who are reliable and experienced in home renovations.

On the lookout for the best

With so many potential contractors to choose from, it is important to identify those with the best to offer in skill and experience, and who have a good reputation for delivering on their projects every time. Get recommendations and references from people you trust on renovations businesses they have used and would suggest you speak to. Your renovations contractor should absolutely be insured and licensed. You might also get business names of contractors to steer away from!

Talk about the scale of the work

Before you hire a renovations contractor, you need to make sure they can handle the scale of the renovation work you need done. Some might be able to handle standard bathroom or kitchen renovations, but less able to do second storey additions Perth. You also need to make sure have the budget and appetite to afford such a larger scope project.

Adding an extra bedroom is a lot different in comparison to something as simple as installing new floor tiles in a bathroom. The more complex a project, the more important it becomes to hire professionals with a license and with experience. You can talk to your renovations contractor about what you are looking to achieve and they can talk to you about how your goals can be achieved.

Go over the details with a few renovation businesses you’ve shortlisted

When you have narrowed down the options with contractors you think you can trust, who offer the kind of services and skills you are looking for, you can then talk about the details and the costs. Many will have given a rough estimate but it is now time to ask for something in writing, such as a contract, that covers all the details, so that nothing is unclear. You can compare the estimates for home additions Perth and then look at reliability, taste, and skill as well as budget to make a final choice. It is now that you can see whether your chosen renovations contractor can meet any special needs you might have, carry out customisation work or other alternatives to best achieve your vision.


Whether you are looking at having a home addition, second storey additions Perth, or your project is something smaller, you’ll want to opt for a contractor that quotes you fair prices, knows what they are doing, uses licensed workers and applies for the proper permits. Save yourself future issues, money and stress by getting the project done by competent contractors.

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