Here’s How To Perfectly Clean Your Sofa and Eliminate Odour


So, here you are in your home relaxing your mind and muscles after a long and hectic week in your office. You sit on your sofa and switch on the television and suddenly then, you smell something terrible. You start searching for the reasons that may have created such a stinky odour. At this moment, you need to remove the smell anyhow though made by your pet or kids. You won’t like to see yourself tired during weekends. So, you can hire a cleaning specialist who uses cleaning specialist who uses upholstery steam cleaner or other cleaning solutions. However, you will check out all such essential parameters that can clean your sofas but not hamper their fabric and material. This section will know about the factors and steps to clean your couch without any hassle.

Eliminating smell from couch

First of all, you need to identify the source location of the smell. You must check the gaps. In case you feel that you can get a solution, you can count on the baking soda. Don’t start feeling happy that it will deliver an immediate resolution. No, it will not. It is because baking soda takes some time to neutralise the smell. Baking soda can take up from an hour to overnight if the situation is worse. Remember that you need to mix scented oil (say, lavender) and warm water with baking soda. Once mixed, you must shake it properly. You should note that odour or aromatic agents can only give a fragrant environment but will not get eliminated.

Cleaning your sofa

The cleaning tools or chemicals needed to clean any sofa will depend on its base material. Your sofa can have fabric, microfibre, or leather. You can use baking soda for a fabric couch and clean it using a brush and a white hand towel. Similarly, when it comes to a couch made from microfibre, you need to open a bottle of alcohol. An alcoholic solution suits microfibre without hampering the quality and age of the sofa. Just ensure that you are using a light-coloured scrub or sponge while rubbing the alcohol on the couch. This will prevent light colour from transferring onto the couch and affecting its quality.

Cleaning a leather sofa

Congrats on owning a leather sofa! Well, with a leather sofa, you get more leverage to get more solutions to clean it. It is not the case with other microfibre and fabric sofa, as here you get some limited answers for cleaning. One of the many different reasons for leather being the favourite couch material is that it does not have pores, preventing any liquid from seeping inside. You can use baking soda, white vinegar, or alcohol and get a brand-new looking sofa each time.


Once the sofa is clean, you can restart your life. Sofa cleaning is a mandatory practice, but you don’t need to take stress for it. Either you or any cleaning agency can resort to an uncountable number of solutions, ranging from Polivac carpet extractor to other cleaning agents. Keep an eye on the constituents of the products that cleaning specialists and services any cleaning agency provide to their customers. Check the work from time to time to ensure that the cleanliness drive does not create any mishap and completes within the stipulated schedule. Happy sofa cleaning!

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