Here are some exterior cleaning tips for you


Once you have turned the key and opened the door to your newly bought home, there is a long list of things that need attention. It’s as if you were planning on buying a car and had to spend hours detailing it after purchase!

We know that stuff like blinds, painting, and landscaping might not be the top priority when it comes to things you’d like to do now that you’re finally in your new place. However, these tasks are crucial and should not be delayed: they will make a big difference for both your own comfort and security. Consult exterior cleaning in Bmore for the best professional services.

Let’s take a look at some exterior tips for homeowners:


One of our most important pieces of advice is never to leave blinds open or rolled up. This is a security measure that should be followed both at home and while you’re away. If possible, blinds should be down when you leave the house or go to sleep for the night.

As far as cleaning your blind is concerned, use a cloth dampened with water to clean them. Please avoid using any chemicals because they might discolor them and damage them in the long term.

Locks and windows

You will also want to inspect all doors and windows and make sure they are properly secured. Also, check if there’s enough space between door handles/locks and their surrounding area: this ensures sufficient coverage against forced entry attempts.

If, after inspection, locks look worn out, consider changing them immediately. You will want to change exterior locks that are old or if your previous keys no longer work.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights should always be on at night when you leave the house. This is especially important when you go on vacation. It might feel like an extra step each time you leave the house, but it’s effortless and takes little effort. You can also use timers to ensure that they don’t stay on all night long, only when the house is empty/not being used for a while.

You should install any outdoor motion detectors right next to entryways. They will trigger lights that help deter burglars from entering your home.  Keep a safe distance between motion sensors and windows to avoid setting them off by accident.

Gates and fences

Make sure that the garage and side gates are always locked, especially if you have a pool.  Also, check if your fence is in good condition: it should be sturdy enough to keep burglars out. If necessary, consider getting it re-enforced or even replaced with a more secure one. It might seem like an expense at first, but it’s definitely worth the investment as it will help ensure safety for years to come. Make those exterior tips part of your daily routine, and they’ll become second nature before you know it!

Last but not least, if you are looking for your dream home, make sure you take a look at these floor plans. They are perfect for first-time buyers and come with full design services included.



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