Have You Ever Thought: Are There Different Types Of Red Wines


Many of us feel lost and confused when talking about red wine. This has got to do with the several available varieties. Experts of red wine tell us that the best way to understand red wine is to start identifying what red wines suit your palate. If you would like to join red wine club see this list >>

Are there different types of red wines?

Yes, there are many varieties and trust us, it is not all that threatening once you figure out which is which. Here is a short description of a few popular ones and also click this link https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/category/wine-and-spirits to see more of different types of red wines. And you can click the following link if you need professional assistance regarding wine tours barossa valley

 1. Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabarnet Sauvignon is one of the most planted varieties of grapes in the world. If you are at the table with a diverse range of tastes, it is the best bet to order it to please everyone. The Californian variety is slightly fruitier than the French variety, which many people think tastes herby. If you are looking for fruity and spicy notes, grab a glass of Cab, and it will not disappoint you. Cabernet especially goes well with meat with a lot of fat on it. You could pair it with fast food like a burger too. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a first-class Exklusiva viner, click the link given. 

2. Merlot

Now, suppose you are only getting introduced to red wine, then the best entry point is Merlot. Merlot is the second most popular grape, and the wine is fruity. People particularly favor the Merlot because it does not have too many types of tannin. It is best paired with poultry dishes. You can also try wine tasting in Blenheim and check out how the world’s best wines are made.

3. Zinfandel

If you have pork ribs on the table, then you must reach out for Zinfandel. Many gifts for mother’s day will consist of Zinfandel, and there is a popular belief that women take to it well. The red wine is juicy and has high alcohol content. You could pair it extremely well with pizza and pasta.

4. Shiraz

Shiraz is also called Syrah in some European countries. It is spicy, often hinging on peppery flavored wine. Some of it is bold and comes with fruity flavors, such as blackberry. The wine is a great combination of various cheeses and meats.

5. Malbec

Malbec may look different from other wines in its deep purple color and plum taste; you will love it once you have tasted it. The wine is French in origin, but it is also produced now in Argentina. The wine is a good combination with lean meat and spicy cuisines such as Mexican and Indian.

6. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a light and delicate wine. Many wine connoisseurs think that it lacks a punch, but it also has a lot of fandom for being silky on the tongue. The raspberry flavors go great with fish!

7. Sangiovese

The Tuscany variety of grape gives one of the most loved and the most popular red wine called the Sangiovese. This wine will spring surprises on you depending on what you pair it with. You will feel the tannins stick to the sides of the mouth and also experience peppery taste, sometimes tobacco! No prizes for guessing that it goes best with Italian food.

8. Nebbiolo

Yet another Italian wine with strong tannins and lots of acids; the light color may trick you into believing that the flavor is very mild, but once you get it inside your mouth, you will be smashed with its strong flavor. The wine tastes better as it ages, and that is why Italians will have a large stash of it sitting on their bar counters. It is paired best with pork, duck, and boar. 

bottom view glass wine

Final words:

Wine definitely makes the occasion a special one and when you pick the right one to celebrate the day, it turns perfect and a memorable one. 


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