Guide to Choosing a Small Commercial Fridge


Refrigerators are essential for most food producers and catering establishments. That’s because it helps ensure the safe storage of high-quality ingredients, maximizing freshness and reducing waste. But, of course, it would help if you had them in places like restaurants, grocery shops, etc. Thus, a small commercial fridge is an excellent addition to your business because it’s portable.

Benefits of These Refrigerators

The primary benefit of these types of refrigerators is the portability you enjoy due to their small size. They’re easy to move around and prevent you from having them bear down on your design or take up much space. Besides being portable, they also offer various advantages that we’ll highlight and discuss subsequently.

1. Enhanced Cooling Capacity

A small commercial fridge has enhanced cooling capacity, unlike our regular home refrigerators. Therefore, you can store a more considerable amount of perishables without having to worry about spoilage. Technicians attribute this quality to the larger compressors of the commercial-grade types. There are probably also other components that aid that functionality.

2. Higher Efficiency

These types of fridges are also more efficient in terms of balancing out environmental factors. It’s possible to open the refrigerator more than twice in five minutes, especially in a busy kitchen. Each time, hot air goes in and leads to increased temperature. However, its high efficiency means the unit can do the necessary work.

3. Easy Cleaning

With everything you have to do to keep your business running, cleaning shouldn’t take up too much time. That’s why manufacturers make these refrigerators with stainless steel because it resists bacteria and isn’t difficult to clean. A good example is a commercial bar fridge that has removable shelves. It, therefore, gives a design that allows you to keep the appliance pristine.

4. Increased Profitability

The other benefits of the fridge eventually give business owners the confidence to buy large quantities of specific things. Not only does that get them better purchase prices, but it also helps meet customers’ demands. Thus, it cuts costs and gives you a certain edge at the same time. It could also promote customer loyalty because you always have good quality goods.

Types of Commercial Fridges

Before discussing how to choose the perfect small commercial fridge for you, we must know the types available. Of course, there are different ones, depending on their use, specifications, and other features. However, we’ll only discuss a few that are relevant across the board for various establishments.

Reach-in Refrigerators

A reach-in refrigerator is one of the most common types in the food industry because it’s versatile. Some people also claim that it’s more cost-effective than others as it has multiple sections. The doors are usually glass or stainless steel, and you can also get different storage capacities based on your needs. Thus, it’s similar to the walk-in fridges.

Serve Over Counter Refrigerators

These units are similar to counter-top display refrigerators. Hence, they’re perfect for displaying meat, fresh produce like dairy, and others like them. That’s because they increase the appeal of said items using curved or level glass. The beauty of this unit is the dual functionality- refrigeration and decorative presentation of products.

Other Types

There are many other types of fridges, including the chest freezer for commercial uses. The under-counter refrigerators are portable enough to fit in small spaces, hence the name. However, the function is similar to that of reach-in units. Meanwhile, people refrigerated prep tables on the cook line though it’s more common for ice cream. There are also different bar refrigerators.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

It’s essential to have a guide to choose a small commercial fridge for your place. That helps, especially if you don’t know much about them. You must consider things to help you make the right purchase, and we’ll discuss them below.

Your Need and the Specifications

The prime thing to decide is the type of fridge you need. Of course, that depends on many factors, including the intended use and your budget. Then you should consider the specifications like the size and other vital components. For example, you’d want to ensure you have enough space to keep your commercial freezer upright.

The Source

The source of purchase is almost as crucial as knowing what you want. That’s because buying from non-reputable dealers can result in having substandard products. Therefore, you’d want to check out outfits like Cold Display Solutions, where you can vouch for product integrity. You can also get warranties and the best customer services they have to offer.


Ultimately, you’d also want to consider the ease of maintaining the fridge. Therefore, it’s advisable not to get a system that’s too complex. Though it’s appealing to rare desire appliances, they make servicing a nightmare because of the special technician requirements. However, if you must get one, ensure to get referrals to designated maintenance companies.


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