Guide on How to Pack and Move Electronics to a New Location


Packing to a new location is never easy. There are so many things to sort, box, and pack. This task can be overwhelming for many people.

It even gets more complicated if you are packing electronics. At home, for example, you have so many gadgets. These include cell phones, tablets, portable hard drives, and memory sticks. Other gadgets are stereos and portable speakers. Plus, all the other appliances, which may also have cables and chargers attached to each. Many of these have their own set of accessories.

What’s more, if you’re moving your office or business, it even gets harder. Each department would have its own set of computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers. There are so many cables and wires to bring. If it is a business, you will have other equipment and tools to worry about.

When moving out, there will always be a possibility of losing things. There is also a probability of damaging some items. This can happen if the handler is not mindful. He may also be not experienced with move-outs.

To help avoid losing or damaging things, you have to be careful in packing. It is also important to contact a reliable removalist.  Look for Perth’s number one removalists to help you.

Consequences of Wrong Packing

Packing and stuffing unorganized electronics has consequences. It is difficult to unpack them and use them immediately when you arrive at your new location. It will entail more time to organize and sort them after move-in.

Also, some people think it is better to unplug all cables and put them all together in a box during packing. This may seem logical to avoid losing each piece. But the problem is that it will be difficult to match them back to the right gadget. What if you have so many gadgets? Or if you are packing your entire office which has so many cables?

If you wish to do this route, you can label each of them before putting all them in a box. This process may work granting you have only a few gadgets to match these cables and wires. But if you have a lot of electronics, even with the labels, it will be harder.

There is also another possible consequence of separating the accessories to the gadget.  Upon unpacking, you might accidentally use the wrong wire or charger. They may be incompatible and the voltage requirement may be different. If this happens, it can damage the appliance or gadget. This can be a very costly mistake. Try to avoid this.

How to Better Pack Electronics

Memory Sticks and Portable Hard Drives

These are very important because they store information, photos, and videos. For those at home, this may mean years of stored memories of family events and your kids’ milestones. Memory sticks and portable hard drives also contain other important documents and files.

Because you will not want to lose these, it is important if you can make a copy or back-up of your files. You can upload them on Google drive or any cloud-based data storage. You can also back-up in other storage areas.

After doing this, the important thing is to keep them neatly and securely tucked in a box.  If this is only a small box, you can carry this personally with you.

Cables and Wires

If you have several electronic devices, you have to organize these better. Do you still have the original boxes? If yes, store them there together with their corresponding cables and wires.

If none, it is better to store each in small boxes. It is best to not separate the wires and chargers with the gadget itself. This way, you can easily use them after unboxing.

Another tip is to label each wire, cable, or charger. You can put a masking tape around it with the label on which gadget it belongs to. You can also use color codes to group the cable and its corresponding electronic device.

You should also tie each cable well. You would not want your wires to get all tangled right? Use elastic or rubber bands or other ties. Then put the cable in a box together with the devices. Ink Cartridges

If you can, remove ink cartridges from the printers. The reason is to help avoid spillage from movements. Store them well in a separate container sealed tightly.


Find the original boxes of your devices if you still have them. This way, you can easily fit the device together with the accessories.

If you don’t have the original boxes anymore, buy or look for boxes at home that can fit your devices. It is best to find a box that has the same size as your device. Avoid putting devices in big boxes so that they won’t get shaken during travel or movement.

Don’t forget to label each box clearly with what is inside. Write legibly in big letterings so you can easily find them when you unpack.

Professional Removalist

Contact Perth’s number one removalists to get a reliable company to service you. You may book with us at Adlam Transport to take care of your moving out. If you need help with pre-packing your things such as electronic devices, we can take care of that. We have a pre-pack team who is trained and experienced in handling even sensitive items.   Call us now and have a worry-free move-out.

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