Guide For Homebuyers: How To Select The Right Home?


Buying a home is a key milestone and a dream that most people have but only a few of them get to fulfill it. When you get the opportunity to be one of the few, it is important to ensure that the home you buy is what you truly envision and what suits your needs.

As a new buyer in the market for your dream home, it is pretty challenging to understand the complexity of the real estate market. It is invaluable to have certain things covered to ensure that you not only find your dream house but you enjoy the process as well. One of them is hiring a property valuer; they are professionals at stamp valuation and can make your home-buying experience worthwhile.

This article will try to unveil all the necessary aspects of buying the right home and it will be a guide to help you smoothen the process.

Find A Reputable Real Estate Agent

It is always advisable to find a property agent before going ahead with your home buying process. Having a professional like David Crawford who has done it for years will save you a lot of frustrations and prevent the market from taking advantage of you.

A good real estate agent will provide you with houses both listed and unlisted as their vast networks enable them to be on top of all property entering the market. This gives you a lot of options to choose from even before they become competitive.

When it comes to bidding for your dream home, having it at the best price possible should be your priority and this can only be achieved if you negotiate well. As a novice, it might not occur to you that the price asked of you can be bargained.

This is where a good property agent comes in, they aggressively negotiate the price to ensure you get the best bank for your buck as they believe this will improve your experience as their client.

Have Your Priorities Set

When looking to buy your first home, having your priorities right will enable you to select the right home that suits your needs. Owning a home is a long-term endeavor and ensuring that you like it for that long is paramount if not necessary.

You have to examine your lifestyle because this will enable you to decide the best style for your home. This includes a condo, a family home, a duplex, and so on. If you are a bachelor who is not looking to be married and likes entertaining, a family home in the suburbs would not be ideal for you but a condo might.

For a married man or a couple, having a home in the suburbs might be ideal especially in areas close to children’s playgrounds, good schools, and other family-oriented amenities.

Set a Realistic Budget

You would agree there is no joy in owning a home that you cannot afford. Setting a realistic budget for your dream home will help you avoid paying the mortgage for the best part of your life.

Ensure you meet with a mortgage broker to ascertain you can sustain the amount being borrowed in comparison to your income and your needs. This will help you find a home at a price point that will not sabotage the quality of your current lifestyle, giving you a chance to enjoy your home.

Employ the Services of a Property Valuer

When buying a home, it is essential to understand if the home is at the asking price. As a beginner new in the property market, it may be a hassle determining the value of a home you are looking to own.

A property valuer has extensive experience in home valuation and can help get the property’s correct value before bidding for it. This will help you pay what the home is worth and save you from being overcharged.

Do Your Research on the Neighborhood

Even after identifying a potential home, you should conduct extensive research on the area and the property to ensure you understand its ins and outs.

Doing your due diligence will help you notice the lifestyle around the place you prospect to live. You should look at how the area looks like both during the day and at night. Are there noisy parties that might not be conducive for your family? How is the park? These are some of the questions you should have while contrasting them with your preferences.

As a beginner, you should take your time in analyzing all that is involved in the home buying process before committing to a specific property. Make sure you can afford the property you are bidding for and that this property encompasses your most important needs.


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