Great Ways to improve your home with resin-bound and artificial surfaces


Resin bound gravel or “aggregates” are an extremely cost-effective and practical improvement to traditional asphalt drives. There are many colors and textures to choose from to compliment the aesthetics of your home. Where traditional asphalt begins to crack and discolor within a year or two and needs to be reapplied every few years, these surfaces maintain their integrity for the lifetime of your home with very little maintenance. This is also proven by nationwide construction companies.

Sweeping or power-washing only twice a year is suggested to prevent moss or algae growth and the buildup of other detritus. These surfaces are permeable which decreases runoff water and are also very slip resistant which is helpful in the case of a steep surface or drive. These surfaces are not only a good option for drives but work extremely well for footpaths and social gathering areas in the backyard. Replacing traditional grass or asphalt surfaces with these surfaces add value and practicality and “curb appeal” to your home.

The paving surface is made on site and applied without heat. The gravel aggregates are mixed with the resin binder into one mixture which is then applied to the surface. This process is unlike the surfacing of resin bond, where a layer of clear resin is applied to the surface and then the gravel is scattered on top. The kind of surface this process creates can become loose over time and is also not permeable.

Mixing the resin and the gravel into one mixture prior to application is ideal because it ensures the aggregate is completely coated providing a totally bound surface which is more durable and therefore less maintenance is required. As mentioned before, sweeping and/or power washing is all that is suggested to maintain the surface. These surfaces, ideal for homes with car drives and footpaths or outdoor areas are an fantastic way to increase the quality of your home.

Many companies use natural aggregates such as marble and recycled materials that they claim are extraordinarily durable, smooth, accessible and do not become weak with heavy UV exposure. Of course the company also provides an array of colors and textures to accommodate any customer needs.

The advantages of having these surfaces indoors are that they are quieter, warmer and more comfortable on the feet than other hard flooring. They are also easily cleaned and slip resistant. Many shops make use of this product as well, where large areas can be easily and seamlessly covered making for a great looking and practical shop surface. Shop owners reap the same benefits of these surfaces as do homeowners. Additionally, these surfaces can be decorative and the slight “give” of the surface is what makes it a more comfortable experience for shoppers and homeowners alike. Ronacrete also provides applications for showrooms, supermarkets, nightclubs, leisure centers, offices, schools, hotels, universities and other public buildings.

As you can see, the practicality of the product has innumerable uses. Ronacrete also provides High Friction surfaces for decks and Rubber surfacing for swimming pool areas. Another product to mention is that surfaces that are resin bound can easily be used around large trees as a tree pit. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to tree grilles and has a natural appearance. The surfaces they use around trees are more porous and semi-flexible, allowing rain water to be available to the root system and allows the tree to grow.

Overall, artificial surfaces that are resin-bound are a great alternative to traditional surfaces around homes. They save the homeowner money in maintenance and aftercare and are basically hassle-free. Also safe for children and playgrounds due to the more cushiony feel, these surfaces have incredible benefits and offer an excellent way to improve the usability and value of any home, office or shop space.


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