Great Reasons To Soundproof a Dog Crate As Best As Possible

Owning a pet can provide a lot of benefits. Having a dog, for example, can keep you fit, lower your stress levels, and help you make new friends. Your furry friend can also improve your immune system, lessen your chances of developing allergies, and make you feel safe 24/7. But being a pet owner isn’t all fun and games – you also have to look after your pet to ensure that they live comfortably and healthily.


Generally, dog crates have block walls, epoxy-coated floors, and open truss metal ceiling. These materials are easy to clean, but on the other side of the coin, these can also create severe sound pressure and vibration. Soundproofing your dog’s crate might be unusual for some, but tweaking your dog’s home can actually create a safer environment for them.

Listed below are great reasons why you should definitely soundproof your dog’s crate:

1. Contain Noises

Dogs bark. This is a response that is innate in nature. Barking, along with howling and growling, is your dog’s means of communication. Whenever your dog creates these noises, they are likely trying to tell you something. They might want to play with you, walk outdoors, or warn you of incoming danger.

While most pet owners have a higher tolerance to dog barks, your neighbors might not understand your dog’s behavior. For them, these barks create disturbance and annoyance. This is especially true if your neighborhood has homes close to each other.

You can avoid receiving complaints from your neighbors by soundproofing your dog’s crate. By looking for 7 more ways to soundproof a dog crate, you can contain your dog’s barks and other sounds they make inside your home.

Instead of disturbing your entire neighborhood because your dog barks aggressively after seeing a squirrel, a soundproofed dog crate allows your dog to express themselves without annoying other people.

In short, a soundproofed dog crate is a win-win for your dog and your neighbors – your dog can bark or howl or growl to their heart’s delight without disturbing other people. This can help you create positive relationships with your neighbors, too!

2. Prevent Hearing Damage

Dogs have very sensitive hearing. Dogs can hear sounds at least four times farther away than human beings. Their hearing is highly sensitive to higher frequency sounds, and they also have the ability to differentiate sounds and pinpoint where a specific sound is coming from.

Your dog’s sensitivity to sound is one of the reasons why they immediately respond whenever you whistle to call them. To human beings, whistles are almost silent sounds, but for dogs, these are sounds that are too noticeable to ignore.

Something as discreet as a whistle already catches your dog’s attention, so can you imagine how disturbed they are when they hear loud noises from firecrackers, stereo equipment, gunshots, and thunderstorms?

Just like human beings, your furry friend can also experience hearing damage due to excessive exposure to loud noise levels. Technically, sound levels greater than 90 decibels (the unit used to measure the intensity of sound) for at least eight hours can result in permanent hearing damage.

The sound level in dog crates ranges from 85 to 122 decibels, which means this environment can increase your dog’s chances of suffering from hearing damage. Protect your dog’s hearing by soundproofing their crate as soon as possible.

3. Reduce Stress

Dogs are considered as social animals because they can adapt to any living conditions and the personality of their owners. Dogs are also very trainable, making it very easy for pet owners to teach and command social behaviors.

But just like human beings, dogs also get stressed. This happens whenever they are left alone for a long period, traveling in a car, or start to live in a new residence. However, there are instances when pet owners trigger the stress of their dogs and more often than not, pet owners don’t have any idea they’re already doing it.

Exposure to loud noises will not only harm your dog’s hearing; it can also cause severe stress and anxiety to your furry friend. This can result in panting, restlessness, and even a suppressed immune system and severe intestinal problems to your dog.

You can keep your dogs healthy by soundproofing their crate as this can minimize and control the sounds they hear inside. By placing your dog in a soundproofed dog crate, they can easily ward off stress since they can no longer hear the sounds of thunderstorms and fireworks.

Check The New Environment

There are a lot of ways on how you can soundproof your dog’s crate. You can use soundproof covers that are specifically designed for dog crates, use absorption sheets, use moving blankets, or soundproof an entire wall or room of your house. You can choose to do one or a combination of these techniques.

Although soundproofing your dog’s crate is beneficial, make sure that you also pay attention to the temperature, ventilation, and blacked outs inside. These environments can cause stress to your dog and defeat the purpose of a soundproofed crate.