Girly Glass Pipes: What Are They and Popular Types

Smoking pipes have evolved with plastic apparatus giving way to attractive smokeware. Female smokers love to flaunt stylish girly glass pipes in aesthetic and eye-catching designs.

You do not need to stash these away as they fittingly serve a decorative purpose around your home. Pipes with contemporary designs that are portable, affordably priced, and allow for a discreet smoke courtesy has become the rage for their unique look.

Owning a smoking tool with its character ensures you do not overlook its minimal maintenance. Moreover, owning clean aids that you keep exclusively for your use is a healthy smoking habit.

Popular Types

Laying your hands on superior quality girly glass pipes is one way to enhance your smoking experience when alone or with your best buddies. Highlighted below are some popular pipe styles and attributes that particularly appeal to females who enjoy smoking their weed:

Pipes in Bright Colors

Conventionally, smoking pipes were only available in dull shades of grey and black. Those unappealing colors are now being replaced by bright and bold oranges, greens, pinks, blues, and reds. On lighting these brightly colored pipes, the effect of the smoke oozing out and the light passing through them is pretty extraordinary.

Sparkling Glass Pipes

Securely placing glitter and sparkles on glass pipes using strong adhesive ensure they remain in position even after a good wash. Pipes that display resin-like artwork often have glitter inside and a top coating of glass. This lends your smoke pipe a shimmery effect and uplifts the mood as you inhale from this one-hitter contraption.

Swirl Designs

Cool swirl designs that complement the girly color highlights used to construct the hand pipe grab all the attention. White swirls on a pink pipe are equally pleasing aesthetically, plus they assure you of a comfortable smoke. There is no fear of breakage when the pipe’s primary component is shatter-resistant glass.

Sturdy Glass Construction

Pipes comprising brilliantly crafted dichroic glass are nearly indestructible yet convenient to carry around in your purse. These often come with a deep bowl chamber so you can relish puffing even a single pack that lasts a while.

Moreover, big bowls rule out accidental spills of your valuable weed. Also, the pipe’s handmade hollow stem constructed with the same sturdy glass rewards you with a bountiful hit of fresh, clean smoke.

You can match your bubbly personality with petite yet robust glass pipes in colors that glamorize your smoking sessions. Lab-grade and non-toxic borosilicate glass becomes charmingly feminine when tinted with girly hues. The technique used to color graft these pipes eliminates the chances of chipping or fading.

Glow-in-the-Dark Pipes

The funky glow that these glass pipes emit lends a unique appearance. You benefit from super fat rips that these handheld pipes encourage, plus their deep bowl keeps you stoked for longer. Enjoy spooky smoke sessions as the lights dim and your pipe starts glowing.

Trust an online smoke shop that has earned a favorable reputation for supplying durable and superior smoking accessories at affordable prices. Dealing with such entities also assures you of impeccable customer service.