Girls Bedroom Ideas To Make It Feel Magical

You’ve been living in the same house for years. You can easily tell if any items are missing from your home because you memorize where everything should be placed. And because you still don’t have any plans in moving to another property, you want to give your home a makeover as soon as possible. As a homeowner, you want the entire family to be excited whenever they step inside your house – and making your child’s bedroom feel magical can be a great start in achieving this goal.

The bedroom is an important part of your house. This is your child’s personal space where they can do whatever they want. However, when your child’s bedroom looks the same from the first time the family moved in, she might not be as thrilled to stay here for hours.

Here are some ideas to make your little girl’s bedroom feel magical:

1. Create a unicorn-themed bedroom

Unicorns might be magical creatures, but more and more people are fascinated with their colors and aesthetics. With pastel colors of purple, pink and blue, a unicorn theme will surely look perfect in any bedroom. To decorate your bedroom in a unicorn theme, look for pieces which have unicorn prints on them. You can start with your child’s pillowcases, curtains, and blankets. If you have the time and budget, you can even make bedroom decor with your child from scratch – the internet is full of DIY crafts for unicorn-themed bedrooms!

2. Upgrade the bedroom to become a multipurpose room

The bedroom is used for resting and sleeping. This is the first place your child will think about whenever she has a stressful day at school. This is already common knowledge, but this doesn’t mean that your child’s bedroom should only be used for this purpose. As one way of making her bedroom feel magical, turn it into a multipurpose room. Depending on the size of the bedroom, add a study or lounging area inside it. Not only are you making the most out of the available space but a multipurpose room also allows your child to appreciate her bedroom better.

3. Fill the walls with bold designs

How the bedroom looks reflects a lot about the child’s personality. If the bedroom is organized, everyone will likely think that your child is very meticulous about her valuables and in her life, in general. If you want to help your little girl make a statement, fill her walls with bold designs. You can do this by painting her entire room with a bright color, add some removable wall decals or have a custom painting hung on the wall. You can even add your child’s favorite words or her own name by using neon or light marquis signs on the walls.

Girls Bedroom Ideas To Make It Feel Magical 2

4. Add a fun piece to the bedroom

Regardless of where you look, you can expect to see the same things inside a bedroom. Usually, it will have a bed, a vanity area, and some storage. If you want your child’s bedroom to stand out and become unique, consider adding fun pieces — scout for furniture which isn’t common but functional. You can start looking for a creative swing or hanging chair, a hanging bed or a wall mounted fish tank.  Or consider adding a chic and vibrant duvet cover to bring a pop of color that will elevate the present look of your place instantly. Duvet covers are available in many beautiful colors and patterns both at online stores and markets.  There’s a lot of options available in the market today so make sure that you’re buying a piece which is worth your investment.

5. Add more storage

As mentioned, a bedroom will never be complete without any storage – how else can your child keep her valuables safe? Where can she possibly keep the extra linens and pillows if she doesn’t have storage? Aside from closets and drawers, add more storage in the bedroom by constructing storage benches or a cabinet wall around the bed. If there’s still space in the ceiling, add storage boxes on top, as well – make sure you understand what type of ceiling you have.

6. Customize your personal space

Not everyone has the liberty of owning a bedroom for themselves. Most often than not, your child will have to share her bedroom with a sibling or another family member. If this is the case, don’t worry because you can still make the bedroom feel magical. To do this, let your child customize her personal space by adding her initials on top of the headboard or choosing a unique print for her blanket. Even if she’s sharing a room with another person, guests will automatically know where your child sleeps because of the design she has!

Small Changes Can Go A Long Way

Contrary to popular belief, upgrading the bedroom is quite easy. There’s a lot of options to choose from so no matter what your budget and personal style are, your little girl can find one which suits her preference. Help your child in upgrading her bedroom and use this as an avenue to bond together!