Gifts For New Homeowners: How To Help Celebrate A Housewarming


Choosing a gift for a new homeowner can be difficult. You need to balance practicality with something personal. This list of perfect gifts should help you find the right present for the job, and give your friend or loved one something special to celebrate their move with.

Send A Warm Welcome To The New Homeowners

The first gift on your list should be a warm greeting to the new homeowners to help them celebrate this special milestone. When you first move into a new home, you need all the help you can get to make the space feel like your own. Cards and gifts from close friends and family help to bring life and love to a new property and makes it feel like home.

This can be tricky, as you may not have their new address yet, and they will have plenty to do when they move into their new home so you may not have the time to start sending out the details to friends and family. With the help of Greenvelope, you can send a digital congratulations on your new home card. There are lots of templates to choose from and you can easily add a personal message. You will know when it has arrived too.

Gift A Hamper Of The Small Things

If you have ever moved into a new home you will know that you can never have enough of the small things. In spite of the best preparations and planning, every new homeowner is always short of the all-important little things like bed linen, kitchenware, and even things like extension cords. One of the best gifts you can give a new homeowner is a hamper full of small, useful household items.

This gift is more practical than personal, but that is not a bad thing. They will get many gifts that will be lovely to receive but just add to the clutter that they are probably struggling to deal with. Put together a thoughtful and useful basket of handy household items and send it to their new home to help them make a start. Kitchenware like glasses, mugs, and utensils is always a good idea and you can add some of their favorite snacks for when they need to take a break from moving boxes.

The Right Tool For The Job

New homes mean home improvements. People will often only spend a week or two in their new home before they start planning ways to put their own stamp on the space, either through redecoration or some helpful additions and alterations. The gift of a tool set may seem a little boring, but it is actually incredibly thoughtful. Give them a gift that will help them make their home their own.

Power tools can be expensive and very heavy to send someone, so stick to a collection of manual tools. Look for something that gives you a lot of value for money, but still maintains a high level of quality. There is nothing worse than cheap tools that break when you need them the most. Choose tools that come in a toolbox to help keep things organized and cut down on the clutter in the new home.

Send A 21st Century Doorbell

Give the gift of home security. Modern doorbells are much more than a button that makes a sound, they are motion-sensitive cameras that can make recordings of visitors and passers-by. They also allow homeowners to communicate with the people who ring their doorbell no matter where they are.

The camera in these modern doorbells is a great security feature too. If anyone gets close to the front door of the new home it will make a recording and send it to the owner’s smartphone. New homeowners are often the target of thieves. Having a security camera on their door helps to protect their important investment and all their personal property inside.

Garden Gifts Are The Perfect Present

If the new homeowners have moved into a house with a garden or a yard, you should consider gifting them something to help them enjoy their outdoor space. Gardens often go underused, but they are one of a home’s greatest assets. Gifting new homeowners something that allows them to get more use from the space is a thoughtful and practical present.

Fire pit stoves and patio heaters will help them get more from the garden all year around. Sitting outside at night underneath the stars is a wonderful way to celebrate homeownership, but the chill in the air can keep you indoors. This gift lets the new homeowners enjoy the evening outside and relax a little after a long day of moving boxes and unpacking their possessions.

Getting gifts for someone who has moved into a new home can be hard, but this list makes your life easy. It will make the lives of the new homeowners easy too, as all these gifts are practical as well as personal. Next time you have a loved one moving into a new home, remember this list to give them something special.

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