Getting the Best Electric Pizza Oven for Home Use

Pizza has undoubtedly become the staple food of millennials, making it one of the most widely consumed fast foods throughout the States. You can find a pizza shop at almost every street corner in America; however, if you’re a picky eater, you might have a difficult time finding a pizza that suits your palette and dietary preferences.

Can’t find a restaurant that delivers your favorite pizza? Worry not, for you can get the gist of a restaurant-quality experience from the comfort of your home by baking your pizza in an electric oven. So how can you get the best electric pizza oven for yourself, and is it necessary to have an electric one? To find out, let’s get started!

Why Buy an Electric Oven?

To enjoy a finger-licking pizza, you need to nail not only the dough-tossing technique and sauce recipe but also the baking process. For this purpose, you need a suitable baking surface and oven! (For more details on baking surfaces like pizza pans, stones, or screens, take a look at our in-depth publication.)

Pizza connoisseurs and pizzaiolos often prefer using an electric oven over a wood-burning one to bake their savory victual to perfection as they are more functional. Electric ovens are lighter and more portable compared to their wood-burning counterpart. You can easily carry them around on a picnic or road trip. They are also light on the pocket, allowing you to create a heavenly savory while sticking to your budget.

Unlike a wood-burning oven, which takes an infinity to heat up, you can control the temperature of an electric oven and raise it to whatever temperature your recipe demands within minutes. Using an electric oven completely renovates the experience of cooking meals at home, making it fun and easy. Once you taste a pizza fresh out of an electric oven, you will never go back to ordering from restaurants!

Getting the Best Electric Pizza Oven for Home Use: Factors To Consider

Shopping for a new electric pizza oven can often be overwhelming if you’re an enthusiastic beginner. The array of models displayed on counters might leave you confused.

Countertop ovens, convection ovens, deck ovens, and conveyor ovens are the most widely used pizza ovens for home use. Indeed, with new models emerging in the market every day, it can become quite hectic to choose the right electric pizza oven.

To help you with your plight, we have designed this guide on how to find an electric pizza oven that serves you best. To savor a pizza matching the Italian supremacy, you need an electric oven that possesses features compatible with your overall needs and desires! Consider the factors listed below before buying an electric oven.

Your Preferences For Pizza Types

Different models specialize in making different kinds of pizza. If you have a specific pizza preference, find an oven that has the necessary features needed to make that type of pizza. For example, if you’re a Neapolitan style pizza lover, you need an electric oven with high temperatures to bake that thin, crispy crust. On the other hand, a deep-dish pizza requires an electric oven equipped with a deep tray.

The Size of Your Pizza Pie

Double-check the tray size on the product package specifications to ensure it is large enough to hold your pizza. Most pizza ovens have a tray that can accommodate a 12” or 14” inches pizza. However, newer models offer tray sizes specific for versatile pizza styles.

The Quantity of Pizza For Baking

Are you an enthusiastic amateur who bakes homemade pizzas just for family and friends or a professional chef planning to open a pizzeria? It is necessary to determine how much pizza you are going to bake to find an electric oven with the appropriate production output. If you prepare meals just for yourself, then countertop and convection ovens are viable options. However, if you often invite friends and family over, opt for deck ovens as they have two-five racks: one fitting two 16 inches pizza.

Space for Your Oven: Where Will You Place It?

Before buying a pizza oven, you need to decide how much space you have available in your kitchen. If your kitchen is already crammed up, a convection oven might be the ideal choice for you as it takes up very little space compared to other electric ovens. But if you can make a little more space for your pizza-making machinery, put in your cart a deck oven as it offers a greater degree of temperature and airflow control, allowing even cooking throughout the crust.

Do not forget to check the measurements of the electric oven mentioned in the product’s specifications.

Your Budget

Money often proves to be a deciding factor when shopping for cooking equipment. It is necessary to determine a budget before leaving the house for the market. Do you bake pizza every other day or treat yourself with this savory delight just on your cheat days? In the former case, an oven with a long life span and low maintenance will do wonders for you. Deck ovens are cost-effective options that fulfill these requisites, with a price tag ranging from 1000-1750 dollars.

However, if you do not eat pizza regularly, look for inexpensive models that are easy to maintain. Convection ovens are widely affordable, falling under a price range of 500-9000 dollars.

Is the oven user friendly?

User-friendliness is another factor you must consider before settling on any electric pizza oven. If you’re a novice in culinary arts, countertop ovens and convection ovens are the best options for you as they’re easy to use with no complicated manual. However, if you are a professional pizzaiolo looking to serve gourmet style pizzas, opt for models that allow greater control over temperature and airflow in the oven. Deck ovens make an ideal choice for this purpose.

Why Buy an Electric Oven?

The Takeaway

These days, more and more people are resorting to cooking their meals at home to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. In such difficult times, an electric pizza oven proves to be a life-savior, allowing you to savor gourmet style pizzas even at home. An electric pizza oven is designed to provide even heating throughout the bottom, baking a mouth-watering crunchy crust. It is also portable and affordable. (To read more about portable ovens, read our exclusive publication Top 10 Portable Pizza Ovens’.)

When going oven shopping, you need to keep in mind your needs and preferences to buy an oven that check all these boxes. Bid farewell to the overly-priced restaurant made pizzas and make your heavenly victuals using electric pizza ovens!