Get Winter Ready With These 6 Smart Devices and Gadgets


Autumn is in full swing, with the spooky season almost over and Christmas coming in hot. Alongside the holiday joy, there’s miserable weather and darker nights to contend with, which is why you need to prepare your home for maximum comfort. There are countless smart gadgets and devices that can help you stay warm, safe, and secure – continue reading to find out more. 

Smart Security Systems

The run-up to Christmas means dark nights and plenty of home deliveries, which unfortunately leads to more doorstep parcel thefts. As a deterrent, you can make like Mark Rober and leave a glitter bomb decoy on the porch – or you can install a smart security system. We recommend the Bazz Smart Home Monitoring system, which lets you see all the action at home from your smartphone. If your home is ever burgled, you’ve got plenty of evidence to hand over with your police report. 

Smart Thermostats

There’s nothing wrong with putting the heating on during the winter, but it’s easy to lose track if you don’t have a high-quality thermostat. To stay on top of your monthly energy bills, install a smart thermostat, which lets you track usage on your smartphone and turn your heating off remotely. 

Heated Mouse

If you work from home, you’ll know the struggle of staying warm while you click away in your office. It’s easy for people to say “Wear a jumper” or “Wrap up in a blanket”, but that doesn’t help your fingers stay warm. The solution to the problem is using a heated mouse or mouse pad, which will keep you warm while you scroll. However, you should keep in mind this type of mouse isn’t suitable for design or precision activities. 

Smart Duvet

Many couples disagree about nighttime heating, with some people becoming radiators and others shivering uncontrollably. Fortunately, there’s a solution that will keep both parties happy this winter – the smart duvet. These duvets work through evaporation and cooling, using heat that’s already there to keep you warm or cool. The good news for couples is that they’re programmable so that one side stays warm and the other cool. 

Space Heaters

Having the heating on is too much sometimes, especially if you’re only using one tiny corner of your home. Smart space heaters take up barely any room and will keep you warm without costing a fortune. Modern smart space heaters can be controlled through apps or with voice control, including Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. Just as with regular space heaters, there will be safety precautions like fall detection and overheating prevention. 

Smart Lighting

Why light your house up like a Christmas tree when you can easily use only the light you need? Smart lights can be managed from a smartphone and synced to a motion sensor. If you forget to turn the lights on, you can simply switch them off using a mobile app. Further, you can set the light level to suit different moods.

Our homes have different needs in the winter, so keep yourself warm, safe, and secure by treating yourself to the smart gadgets and devices outlined above this season. 

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