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With the garage door in your home as the main entryway you use daily to enter and leave your house, you have likely encountered that inconvenient and hassle time when your garage door unexpectedly will not open or close. It is a stressful moment being trapped in your garage pondering about how to get out or left alone outside the driveway.

When your garage door opener is not working, there are many possible causes you can examine. Or, your garage door opener will require attention from a professional garage door technician to make sure safe and prompt repairs.

When you use your garage door daily, such as going to work or doing some essential things, you are likely to run your garage door at least 1,500 times every year. With such regular use, settings and components on your garage door and opener will perhaps have random issues. Many homeowners in Southlake, TX, encounter problems with their garage door openers and ask the following questions. With Garage Door Repair Southlake, we ensure we help you in any garage door opener issues you may have.

Why is my garage door opener remote not functioning?

Many garage door opener remotes are complex. And they could be not working for several reasons, such as the following:

  • the batteries could be low or dead
  • the remote might be far from the garage door opener
  • the remote needs reprogramming

Before sticking out at the wirings of your garage door opener or taking time to start reprogramming your remotes, try to stand close to the garage door to change the batteries. Many garage door openers do not have a long-distance range function, and you could be trying to open your garage door too far away from your door. From a far distance, the signal between the garage door opener and the remote may have some interruption, which causes the door not to open.

If you are standing next to the garage door but pressing the remote button will still not operate, try to check the batteries. As the batteries get weak and die in no time, the batteries will work differently, which will make it look as though there is a problem with the garage door or the garage door opener. You can easily change the batteries in your remote by removing the back-off and replacing new batteries in the compartment.

If your remote still will not function, try to reprogram it to the opener- find the bright colored, square button in the back of your opener.

Why is my garage door wall switch not functioning?

When your wall switch does not function as it should, you may have some problems with the wirings, or you accidentally lock the garage door. To fix the wall-mounted opener, you can reprogram the pad or examine whether there was no trigger in the lock mode. Just like the manual lock on your door, your garage door opener also has a lock system that can be employed by a separate lock button or by holding the opener button for a prolonged time.

If you notice that you have tried everything like reprogramming the pad and the door is still locked, contact a garage door expert to check and find the hidden culprit. It could be the wirings or something else.

My garage door is still not running; what could be the problem?

After examining your garage door and wall-mounted switches, if you are still facing issues, your garage door opener could have a blocked power supply, unplugged wires, set to inaccurate sensitivity levels, or damaged gears. Check your garage door opener and its surroundings to see if any of these problems have impacted your system.

Moreover to your garage door opener, your garage door may not be working due to the following reasons:

  • The door disengaged from the opener
  • Misaligned garage door track
  • Blocked or misaligned photo-eye sensors
  • Broken garage door springs or cables
  • An object is blocking the garage door

When you need assistance with your garage door openers, call the experts of Family Christian Doors!

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