Furniture on finance : What are the benefits?


Having an option to spread out the costs for our larger purchases is a newly acquired privilege that an increased amount of us choose to opt for, allowing us to make purchases without the instant financial burden. At Maple Furniture, we offer the flexibility and option of doing just this, ensuring that buying a sofa does not have to be a one-time instant payment any longer.

Maple Furniture have teamed up with Snap Finance to offer 2 finance options. The first, named ‘hello15’ allows you to spread your finance over a course of 15 weeks, initially paying just a £15 deposit and then going on to including 15 small payments and no added interest on the total price of your sofas, if the total sum is paid within this period! This allows you to spread the cost of your sofa without having to make a large transaction at once and providing you with the flexibility of spacing out your payments over a period of time at no extra cost.

The second option available consists of making 15 monthly payments, paid weekly and fortnightly at an annual Fixed Interest Rate of just 69.75% meaning your payments are spread over a greater length of time and giving you the flexibility of paying for your sofas in a way that suits you.

To make it easier for each customer, the online application takes just a few minutes within which you will receive an instant decision on whether you have been approved for furniture finance that you choose. Initially you will have no lengthy forms to fill out and will receive a delivery of your chosen sofa, in time for that special occasion, movie night or for when you have friends or family members over to stay. All you have to do, is pay a £15 deposit to secure and place your order.

You must have a £200 weekly income, however this can include various benefits and even part-time employment as well as you being a resident of the UK, not including Scotland. You must also have an active current account that accepts Direct Debits and applying for this finance will not affect your Credit Score either.

This finance options allows you the freedom of having a brand new sofa delivered to you, when it suits you, without having to pay for it in one payment, creating flexibility on how you spend your money and when.

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