Furniture Moving and settlement


Moving from one place to another it’s a hard job. That’s why we don’t want to move often. To avoid the pressure of moving we stay in one place with some problems (when you don’t want to stay). Sometimes heavy and awkward items wreck our back due to moving. So do you want to know how to move furniture just like professional furniture removalists do without taking any pressure? It’s time to know if you want to move!

In this entire article, I will make you know the key to how to move furniture and settlement. So let’s jump into the central point of what you need.

How can you prepare furniture to move?

To move, you must consider furniture moving supplies. Most of them you can get from your local stores or online. Moreover, some packers and movers Seattle companies rent out; this is an affordable way to get supplies.

Ready the furniture

Before moving and packing, make sure that you have cleaned all of your furniture thoroughly. Cleaning your furniture ensures you don’t want to remove garbage and grime from your new home.

Take off the wraps

If it is possible to take off the wraps of your furniture, it will be easy for your furniture moving job. This way, you can easily move your furniture, which is easier to pack and move.

How to pack-objects

If you dismantle your furniture, you can easily lose your small pieces of furniture. To prevent this issue, use a bag or plastic bag to keep small furniture pieces. Which furniture small pieces these to remind label up or tape it.

Use soft items such as towels and newspaper to wrap fragile furniture. Soft items will help you to pack your fragile objects easily.

How to seal furniture to move

Spend enough time wrapping your furniture to move. How relaxed you are, depends on how you wrap your furniture while moving objects. For different items, you have to follow different methods of wrapping. Bubble wrap is used for ceramics, lamps, and glass table tops (delicate pieces). The plastic wrap goes to upholstered times, such as mattresses and couches.

For wooden furniture, use furniture pads or a moving blanket; don’t use bubble wrap or plastic wrap; it would damage the surface cause of the furniture. Using furniture pads or moving blankets, you can save your belonging from direct contact with the plastic wrap.

To move furniture securely.

It’s time to move your furniture, so you have to prepare your home to move. Planning and preparing for a move help to save your belonging.

Measure doorways and hallways

Before moving, measure your hallways and doorways, and if there is any need, remove the door frame. You can safely move your furniture if your hallways and doorways are clear.

Clear the path of doorways and hallways

Before moving, clear the moving path, such as any unnecessary clutter. Use a stopper to keep your door open while moving.

Use Furniture gliders

Suppose you want to prevent the floor from scratching and place gliders under the furniture (tile flooring or hardwood). Towels and cardboard can also help you the same way (like gliders).

Use the right moving equipment.

When moving large, heavy and sensitive furniture (glass, lamps), you need the right moving tools for each object. Get the right moving tools and do safe or secure your belongings.

Moving truck

Is your furniture done to move? Then you must choose the exact moving truck or containers with ramps and tie-downs. Tie-down prevents falling the furniture while transiting. The ramp works for unloading and loading heavy objects easily.

Moving heavy items

Are you planning to move heavy or awkward furniture, then make sure you have the following supplies in your hand:

  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa and mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Furniture pads

If your furniture is large and heavy such as a large piece of furniture or a gun sofa, you need a mover’s help. Moving tools help you move up and down stairs, supervise tricky corners, and ensure the safety of your precious belonging.


Moving furniture, it’s not an easy task. Maybe sometimes it can cause headaches, but with some techniques and maintenance, it will be easier beyond your thinking. Above I mentioned all the tips and tricks that make your furniture move as easy as water.



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