Furnish Your Living Room: 6 Indispensable Pieces to Buy and How to Choose Them


The living room is the most preferred destination for rest and relaxation and a place where everybody tends to gather and mingle. That is why it has the best seats and the coziest accents in the house. So if your space is due for a makeover, you need to make it worthy of all such attention.

However, furnishing your living room involves some difficult design and buying decisions as these will set the tone for the rest of your home. You need to choose pieces of furniture that are not just stylish and comfortable but also complement the design of your space.

To help you with your living room furnishing project, here are the six indispensable living room fixtures you should get, plus a few tips on buying living room furniture in Dubai.

1. Sofa

First off, select your main seating piece – a sofa set. This piece of furniture is where you will lounge, eat and drink, read, watch TV, entertain your guests, and perhaps even sleep.

Here are tips for buying a new sofa:

  • Invest in a quality frame – Whether you prefer a solid hardwood or metal frame, make sure it is engineered perfectly. Take note as well of the guarantee – opt for manufacturers offering a minimum of a 15-year guarantee.
  • Inspect the cushions – The interior quality of the sofa is just as important as its exteriors. A combination of feather and foam is a good option for sofa cushions. Feathers as the back cushion give a good squish, while the foam provides a superb structure for the seat.
  • Focus on upholstery fabric – Your choice of fabric will have an impact on the room, so make sure to opt for one that matches your color scheme. Natural materials are excellent choices, but they can easily fade when exposed daily to sunlight. So if you are planning to place your sofa near the window, it would be better to opt for a synthetic fabric. Moreover, choose a material that is easy to spot clean, especially if you have pets. Otherwise, consider investing in loose, washable covers.
  • Try it – The only way to ensure that the sofa is a good fit is to try sitting on it. Make sure it has enough seat depth for you to maneuver or tuck your legs. If you prefer to lie down on it, it must be long enough for you to stretch out comfortably. It should also have the right seat height to ensure good back support. Best of all, it must suit your entire family.

2. Accent chairs

In addition to a sofa, accent chairs can make your living room more welcoming. You can opt for separate seating to allow inhabitants or guests to spread out or sectional seating to bring them closer.

Getting accent chairs also allows you to show off your personality. You can get one in your favorite print or color to elevate the room’s design and appeal.

You can opt for a modern swivel chair with unique prints, an oversized accent chair in a plain geometric pattern, or a recliner chair in genuine leather. The key is to choose chairs that will help you complete your conversation area and rest your tired feet.

3. Occasional tables

Coffee and side tables can be an anchor to your sofa and accent chairs. They help fill the gaps in your design, providing your room with a completed look and a spot for your snacks, reading materials and beverages.

When choosing a table, think about its height. Low-lying sofas need a closer-to-the-ground design than high seating. If you want it to be a clutter keeper, consider buying a table with drawers.

You can also purchase more than one table. A series of tables in the living room is a growing trend because it offers more flexibility, provided that you have an expansive space. With several tables, you can conveniently move from one seating to another and put your glass of juice or cup of premium roast coffee within reach.

Occasional tables also allow you to add new elements to the room design. You can choose tables featuring a combination of materials like glass, metal, and wood. These can instantly enhance functionality and visual interest.

4. TV and media furniture

An entertainment center is an essential element in your living space. The living room is tantamount to the media or TV room for most people, where they can watch their favorite shows and movies.

Since your TV can become the room’s focal point, make sure to choose a stand that offers both function and style. After all, it will lure everybody’s attention.

If you have a lot of space, you can go big with an all-inclusive entertainment unit that features multiple cabinets and shelves for all your media needs. If not, you can just opt for a smaller, more compact TV stand that still offers enough space for your entertainment gadgets and décor.

5. Storage

Since you will most likely spend your time in your living room, it only makes sense to have spots for your items, including those that reflect your interests and life.

You can combine open and closed options for your living room storage so you can display everything you want to show off, such as books and vinyl records, while hiding items you don’t want other people to see, such as rare record collections. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling storage, modular shelving, or sideboards.

6. Office furniture

Part of your living room can serve as your home office, too. But make sure to opt for furniture that works best both in a living room and an office space.

Start by choosing a desk that complements the style of your living space instead of the usual office chic. You can also get a desk with doors that can be transformed into a piece of cabinet when your work is done.

Your choice of living room furniture is crucial in terms of rest and relaxation, entertainment, and visual appeal. Consider factors like aesthetics and quality. Most importantly, don’t forget to measure up first before heading to a furniture store. Nothing is more frustrating than to bring home a piece that doesn’t fit your door.

But if you can’t find pieces that suit your needs or preferences, you can always have your furniture customized.

Find a furniture shop that offers customization and interior design services. Co-create with the experts to achieve the appeal and atmosphere you want for your living room.

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