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Furnaces can be costly to repair, so it is wise to get an estimate from a contractor before beginning work on them.

Repair experts advise checking if the furnace has power by looking at your main electrical entrance panel and finding its switch that controls it.


As soon as your furnace begins to malfunction, the first thing to check should be its basics: power switch on and thermostat set correctly for heat. Though these seem obvious steps, repair technicians have often come into homes where these switches were either off or incorrectly set when visiting for service calls.

If your furnace or heat pump starts up but fails to deliver heat to the house, a simple solution might be turning off the thermostat and leaving it on fan mode until you’re ready for heating again. But if it keeps cycling on and off constantly or frequently reactivates itself without warming the house as expected, professional assistance might be required.

Unable to turn off, a furnace that runs continuously could be due to a faulty blower motor. Grime buildup, loose fan belts, motor bearing issues or damaged fan capacitors could all contribute to this issue, while any audible noise from your blower could indicate its malfunction.


Sometimes your furnace stops working altogether. Depending on what has caused this to happen, you might be able to perform some troubleshooting by yourself.

First step of this process should be ensuring all power has been cut off from your furnace. You can do this by inspecting your electrical panel.

There should be a circuit breaker or fuse that controls this system – use that fuse or breaker to shut off power from flowing to your furnace and remove or trip accordingly to make sure there is no electricity flowing to it.

An air flow issue could also contribute to your furnace acting strangely, such as being clogged with dust in its ducts. You can attempt cleaning these yourself or hire an experienced professional like the ones from Mor Air to do it for you. This can ensure it is done properly.

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Faulty thermostats can also pose problems for your furnace. Because the thermostat sends messages to the blower motor, if it stops functioning as designed it could affect how your furnace operates. A technician should examine it to identify any possible issues.

An increasingly prevalent gas pipeline issue is corrosion of underground pipes contacting soil containing sulfates or other potentially harmful substances, leading to carbon monoxide build-up and reduced furnace performance. You can learn more about this gas by clicking the link.



If the heating system of your home has become outdated and worn-down, now could be the time to consider replacing it with something better suited to your needs and lifestyle.

A professional can assist in selecting an efficient furnace replacement option and help choose one which saves both money and hassle in maintenance costs.

A healthy furnace should maintain a consistent whirring sound; if it begins making odd sounds such as banging, rattling, irregular hums or other unusual noises it should be cause for alarm.

Such sounds could indicate problems with gas valves or other safety concerns; loud booming sounds during initial system startup could indicate ignition issues which represent a fire hazard and require immediate professional intervention to get them repaired immediately.

Signs that it’s time to hire a professional are evident when there is excessive dust or soot around the furnace registers and grills; this indicates that your furnace may not be evenly disbursing heat throughout your home, leading to higher energy bills and increasing monthly utility payments.


Before heat can be distributed throughout your home, it must pass through vents and ductwork.

For optimal heating results, these areas must remain clear of flammable objects like furniture and drapes; additionally, frequent vacuuming helps clear away dust and lint accumulation that builds up over time.

Inspections should also include gas valves to make sure that they operate as intended and without issues. It is especially important for homes located near forests to take steps to ensure their combustion flue, or exhaust, is free from debris and any unwanted visitors that might have taken shelter in it during warmer months.

Many older furnaces rely on a pilot light to ignite gas for heating purposes and, should this fail, you will need to replace it. You can click the link: https://home.howstuffworks.com/pilot-light.htm to learn more about pilot lights. Newer units typically feature electrical ignition switches; should these fail then you will also need to replace their ignition switch.

Limit switches are another essential piece of equipment that ensures your furnace operates safely and smoothly. Positioned near the blower motor, when they detect heat in your house they notify it to activate its fan to blow air out through your vents.

Your furnace’s motor and blower shaft bearings should be lubricated at least annually by taking steps such as taking off their caps and adding two or three drops of lightweight oil into each bearing.

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