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Homeowners can avoid costly furnace repairs by engaging in simple care and upkeep, plus employing adequate preventive maintenance services at least every year to keep the system operating at peak performance.

When you partner with a quality, reputed repair contractor like you’ll find at https://www.heglarheatingandair.com/ serving Jackson, TN; the winter season can be welcomed without fear of a system that will malfunction in the frigid temperatures.  You can stay comfortable and enjoy all the festive activities that come with this time of the year.

When heating specialists do their annual tune-up, the contractor not only ensures the defects and damages are corrected to avoid more significant problems from arising, but the expert prepares you with troubleshooting techniques and simple tasks to handle in between service calls.

With adequate care throughout the year, the equipment will maintain the highest efficiency level, extending its lifespan. What are some duties you can keep up with as a homeowner? Let us check out a few simple steps meant to help you avoid costly service calls.

How Can a Homeowner Avoid Costly Furnace and Heating System Service Calls

As a homeowner, many care and maintenance tasks must be taken care of to ensure the household remains safe, healthful, and comfortable for you and your family. One of the primary systems responsible for these things is the heating.

No one wants the furnace to malfunction or shut down when the temperatures dip to a frigid degree. The way to prevent severe damage or defects is to seek the services of a reliable, qualified heating specialist for annual tune-ups.

That is not to say there will not be periodic issues when you need to call for repairs, but as a rule, the major problems that can affect the equipment can be kept under control.

Plus, you will receive instructions on potential troubleshooting issues and what you should do to maintain the unit in between service calls. Go here for guidance on maintenance that will save expensive repair costs, and then view these simple tasks meant to do the same.

The furnace filters

A primary component of furnace maintenance, albeit simple, is changing the filter before winter comes on and then doing so again before spring starts.

The repair contractor can go over the steps, but you can also find the directions to switch them out in your heating system’s operating manual. The manual will provide the appropriate size and type and indicate the rating.

When filters become clogged and dirty, it affects the overall air quality in the home plus hinders the equipment efficiency causing the furnace to work harder and creating higher utility costs. Over time this takes a little more away from the lifespan until you have to replace the unit before you initially anticipated.


The thermostat

The thermostat

The thermostat’s batteries should be changed before the beginning of the winter season, whether they are still functional or not. Instead of holding onto some that might have some life left, a fresh set of batteries could mean the difference between waking up freezing on a frigid winter night when the thermostat stops working and cannot trigger the heating to start.

It is also a good idea to always have a generous supply of batteries available as a precaution in case this scenario happens, and you do not have any replacements on hand.

At the beginning of the season, it is further recommended to take care of reprogramming the system to settings that meet your schedule if your thermostat is programmable. If you do not have a programmable one, it is wise to upgrade. You can save incredible energy and utility costs.

Remove clutter and clear the flue

The heating system must have space to breathe. Manufacturer instructions dictate there should be no sort of debris or clutter surrounding the furnace by at least thirty inches, and the city “codes and standards” concur.

Allowing this space around the system ensures plenty of air for the furnace to use for the heating element’s combustion, plus overall safe, seamless functionality.

Often, the furnace is located in a cellar, crawl space, attic, or lower level where many people store items to get them out of the primary areas of the home. It is vital to ensure the space is cleared before the system is used.

Remove clutter and clear the flue

Also, the “combustion flue” or the exhaust responsible for “transferring combustible byproducts to the outside” needs to have the debris cleared if this is accessible. Sometimes wildlife has a habit of making this area a home. They are usually found on the roof but have also been seen alongside the house.

Caution needs to be used when handling this job. The furnace cannot be running when inspecting or clearing the flue.

The indication is this component should actually be sealed from the point of its original installation per city codes. It is suggested for homeowners uncomfortable working with the flu or unsure where it is to have the heating specialist inspect and clear the debris.

Final Thought

For the final preparation before winter sets in, the furnace should be run for roughly 30 minutes with the windows open, sometime when the weather is still somewhat warm.

Doing so will allow the circulation and removal of dust and dirt particles or debris that has settled on the heat exchanger. Those who decide to turn it on when the first bitterly cold day comes along will experience a slight burning smell wafting through the house, which is the dirty air burning off.

When you participate in standard household maintenance by partnering with a trusted heating specialist for annual tune-ups, you should experience greater efficiency with your furnace and a longer lifespan.

That does not mean you will not have issues once in a while that need a service call, but major concerns should be detected and corrected before they turn into big problems.

With the right preventives, you can enjoy winter’s many joyous festivities instead of dreading the bitter, frigid temperatures. Plus, you will be sure to stay warm and cozy all the while.

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