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Homeowners in Amelia, Ohio, are bracing themselves for the winter season and frigid temperatures. That means the HVAC will switch out from cooling mode to gear up for heating. Generally, in the fall before the winter season hits is the time homeowners engage in HVAC care and maintenance activities, including their annual preventative maintenance services.

These are taken care of by a well-established professional repair service like Kellerman Heating & Cooling. They inspect for defects and make corrections before these have a chance to turn into significant problems. No one wants their system to malfunction or, worse, shut down when temperatures have dipped to extreme conditions.

Investing in preventative maintenance at least once per year can ensure that does not happen. It is also wise to self-educate on your system not only to be informed but to troubleshoot before making a service call. Let us check out a few FAQs homeowners should make themselves aware of.

FAQs about HVAC Systems

Whether you are in Amelia, OH, or another location in the country (or even worldwide), it is wise to become informed on your heating system if the service professional cannot get to you for a couple of days and you need to troubleshoot a problem.

In some cases, issues are easy to take care of with a quick fix. That does not mean you should assume all problems are DIY worthy, but it does point to at least self-educating as much as possible. Some of these FAQs will get you started.

How often should you schedule preventative maintenance for your system?

The professional repair specialist should inspect and update plus make corrections at least once per year in the fall before the winter season to close the air conditioning system down and prepare the furnace for extreme temperatures.

In some cases, homeowners will have the technician open the air conditioner in the spring and close the furnace down for the summer. It is probably the best idea to allow for twice a year maintenance instead of only once. Still, one is necessary to enable optimum functionality and premium efficiency of the systems. Learn if the HVAC ductwork can go bad and whether the provider can repair this at https://blog.directenergy.com/energy-efficiency-myths-ductwork-go-bad/.

Why would an HVAC continue to freeze?

Generally, the coils will freeze if the system is low on refrigerant, and this happens if there is a leak. It can also be the result of filthy evaporator coils. The recommendation is to contact your service provider for an inspection and correction in either case.

A delay, especially with a leakage, can ultimately result in extensive damages potentially with the compressor. That can mean expensive repairs, if not a total replacement.

How long is a furnace lifespan?

Many professional furnace technicians will advise that the lifespan for a home heating system is roughly 20 years if the homeowner takes care of the system and invests in regular preventative maintenance servicing.

When you purchase a home and there is no record to indicate the furnace’s age, you can find the manufacturer’s serial number and reach out to the local heating company, who should be able to provide a manufacture date.

Around the age of fifteen, it is wise to start looking for models that will provide greater efficiency and ultimately save money while keeping the home comfortable.

The cycle is either too short or too long

When heating or air conditioning begins to have problems, the cycle will become either too short or too long. Many factors can contribute to the problem, but the first consideration is the outside temperature. If it happens to be an exceptionally frigid day or sweltering, the cycle will go a bit longer than usual.

For those who find the unit is constantly running or not cycling at all, it is a reason to contact a service professional to do an inspection to determine the problem and make the necessary corrections.

Final Thought

Homeowners in Amelia, OH, will find their local HVAC company’s website will offer many educational FAQs like these to inform their customers and assist in troubleshooting issues as they arise with their systems. That does not necessarily mean the problem is a DIY fix, but it does mean when you call for service, you’ll be able to explain what’s happening so the tech can prepare.

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