Fun Things to Do During Black Friday Other Than Shopping

Black Friday is popularly known as a shopping day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. If you are wondering why, it’s because the day after Thanksgiving has been observed as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States since 1952, hence being called Black Friday sale.

Every Black Friday, millions of people wake up early and hit the stores to shop and spend the whole day. In fact, some people even camp out of the stores so that they can be the first ones to get the best deals when the doors open. Its chaos and the people’s frantic search for Black Friday deals have been part of the culture in the United States for decades. However, as the years pass, a slow shift is happening because more people are choosing to skip holiday shopping and do other activities instead such as ways to get creative with coloring as an example.

Some people are not into fighting crowds of hunger during the Black Friday sale. Instead, they opt to find better deals online on Cyber Monday. That’s why during Black Friday, they spend their time doing other things. If you are one of those who wish to skip shopping on this holiday and want to try other activities, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the fun things that you can do during Black Friday other than shopping.

1. Play games online.

Since there’s no work to think about during Black Friday, you are free to do whatever you want, and that includes gaming. If you haven’t played any game for quite a while due to your tight schedule, now is the time to have some fun by playing online games. The online world offers a lot of fun games to play.

You can enjoy playing solo or try some multiplayer games with your online friends. If you are into casino games, you can also find a lot of them online. In fact, some online casino sites even give out deals. You can check this Black Friday Casino Bonus 2020 and see the best promotions offered by online casinos.

2. Make it a fitness Friday instead.

During Black Friday, you can choose between working up a sweat fighting other shoppers for discounted products or go on a workout to sweat the wine and cheese and other delicious foods you had during Thanksgiving Day. Well, the second option sounds more fun and stress-free. You can also take advantage of the holiday vibe and try something new aside from your usual strength and cardio. You can try a spin classor find a new online workout video that you can follow. The happy feeling you will get after is a great health benefit, too.

3. Binge-watch your favorite shows online.

If you have been struggling to find time to watch your favorite shows on Netflix and other online streaming platforms, Black Friday is also a great time to do this. You have an entire day off work, and if you do not have any other place to go the whole day, then what are you waiting for? Make some popcorn, get some drinks, and start watching all the episodes that you missed when you are busy.

4. Go for a relaxing massage session.

Instead of spending a lot of money buying things you don’t really need that much, you can instead go for a relaxing massage to decompress. It can help prepare your muscles for workouts and as well as to fend off nasty winter colds. A massage is also a great way to take away all the stress from your body after all the cooking you did on Thanksgiving Day.

5. Create homemade gifts.

If you are into artsy things, such as knitting and crocheting, then you can make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones at home. During Black Friday, if you don’t feel like going out and shopping, you can instead make packages of cards, homemade vanilla extract, or special Christmas ornaments. You can even ask your kids for help and to have some fun bonding, as well.

6. Clean out your closets.

Instead of shopping for more possessions, you can gather up the things you no longer use and sell them or give them away. Pack your old clothes in bags or boxes and donate them to a non-profit like Goodwill. Doing this will make your home more organized, and it will also give you a chance to get a receipt for a taxdeduction.

7. Try visiting a museum.

During Black Friday, you can also try visiting a museum or other interesting places like an aquarium or a national park. Since most people are flocking the malls and shopping centers, you will find a lot of usually crowded places become bare. Some places, like theme parks, might even offer reduced rates.

8. Do something nice for other people.

You can also do something nice for other people during Black Friday, such as popping over to a soup kitchen and serve up some Thanksgiving leftovers. You can also go and help out an animal shelter or participate in outdoor cleanup. These activities will also get you moving and help in getting rid of the lingering Thanksgiving food baby you have.

9. Finish a book that you got a year ago.

If someone gave you a book a year ago or maybe months ago, it is the best time to pick it up and finish it. In fact, Black Friday is also a great opportunity to have some social media detox and go analog. It can be a great reset, and you might even learn something new.

10. Take a nap.

Being an adult sure involves a lot of daily stress. From work to house chores to taking care of your kids. Therefore, you can use the holidays to enjoy power naps, which can boost your mood and motivation. It is a simple practice but very satisfying.

These are some of the fun things that you can do on Black Friday instead of shopping. We hope this helps you in coming up with new and fun ideas for a holiday.