Freestanding Screens and Drawer Units: The Buying Guide


The lack of privacy in an employee’s workplace can hinder their sense of autonomy. Gladly, freestanding screens and drawer units are valuable tools that give employees a sense of independence and personal space. While freestanding screens are finished to a high standard and come in various sizes, drawer units can be standalone or even side tables.

After several months of research into freestanding screens and drawers, we have written this piece to get you all the information needed about drawers and freestanding screens!

What Are the Applications of Freestanding Screens?

  • Freestanding screens help the workplace to have a decent outlook. Nothing speaks class and professionalism more than a well-arranged workplace.
  • Freestanding Screens also help to make the walls of the office look tidy
  • They can be used in setting up various workstations.

Advantages of Free-standing Screens

Freestanding screens come with several benefits. While there are also some downsides, the pros far outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

1. Light

This is especially true if you choose a freestanding screen made of glass. Your office space will have more natural and artificial light coming into it. The benefits of good light flow cannot be overemphasized. Your staff will be happy and healthy when they access good lighting.

2. Style

Freestanding screens come in different styles and shapes. So, whatever theme or design you envision for your office space can be created using them. Some freestanding screens come in frosted and tinted styles.

3. Great Acoustics

Do you have chatty staff? Then, get a freestanding screen. These screens are great for blocking out unwanted noise in the office. They are usually thick and dense, reducing the office noise. This ultimately leads to having less distracted staff and workers.

Drawer Units: How They Work

  • Drawer units are used to store items in the kitchen and rooms
  • They can be used as a piece of furniture to highlight the beauty of a home or office
  • They are used to store items such as equipment and office files securely. Drawer units are also used to create more space in the office.

Models of the Drawer Units

There are many models of drawer units. However, there are two main models. They are:

  • Work sphere storage unit
  • Wheeled storage unit

1. Work Sphere Storage Unit

The work sphere storage unit comes with rounded edges. This unique design of the work sphere storage unit helps to make the workspace look very neat.

2. Wheeled Storage Unit

The wheeled storage unit comes with wheels. They also come with intelligent sensors, which make their mobility easier. They are also very durable and come in various colours and shapes.

Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve a neat yet appealing look for your office or living area, go for a freestanding screen or drawer unit. Explore our site to get more helpful articles about furniture and how it can be used in the best ways possible for interior design.

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