Free standing bathtubs


After a long stressful day, the most effective way to unwind is to take a dip in the warm water, sip on your favorite bottle of champagne and relax. That is very therapeutic after a long day or week.

Free standing bathtubs

are meant to be moved around on all four sides. That is why they are called free-standing. They should not be attached to any wall around the bathroom. For this reason, they tend to consume more space than traditional tubs of the same size.

However, the beauty of free standing bathtubs

is that they can be placed anywhere in a room and will not need the wall. They are more flexible and worth the investment.

Here are some merits of free standing bathtubs

There are more design options

As compared to a built-in tub, a free-standing one has more design options. That is because they are flexible and can be placed in any room you deem fit. You can quickly get a design that will blend in with the theme of your room. All you need to do is pick the right color combination and perfect construction.

They are easier to clean

The fact that they are flexible and do not need a water wall means that they are easier to clean. However, occasionally you may need to clean with bleach and other reagents, but the effort will be less than built-in tubs.

Better placed in smaller bathrooms.

Smaller bathrooms will look much better if they have this type of tab. That is because they do not require to be attached to any wall and do not need pipes carrying water into the tub. Therefore, if you are concerned about your bathroom space, the free-standing tub is the best pick for you.

Increase in resale value

Contrary to popular opinion, the free standing bathtubs may increase in value over time. However, if you intend to resell at a profit, you must maintain it properly. Always make sure you use high-quality cleaning reagents that will leave the tub sparkling clean. A properly maintained tub can fetch a great price in the current market.

Has more storage options

If you rarely use the tub, then the best option might be to take it to a storage area when not in use. That may save you some space. You can use the space for something else and always return the tub whenever you feel like it. Additionally, the flexible nature of the tub means you can use it in multiple rooms. You must not dedicate a permanent location for the tub.

Maintenance of the free standing bathtubs

Maintaining a bathtub is easy, and anyone can do it. However, you must put into consideration several factors before proceeding to take any action. You must consider the size, materials used, and the function of the tub. If the tub is made from copper or stone, these two require more work than other materials.

As much as the free standing tub does not have a wall to wash, the exterior of the tub may require occasional scrubbing. That will make sure it does not stain and have any unpleasant appearance.


Free standing bathtubs are much cheaper than built-in ones. It is also more stylish and may even play a decorative role in your bathroom. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to get these beauties.

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