Four Features Every Home Renovation Should Include


Every home renovation project is as different as the residents that live there, but if you’re planning on renovating your home to bring it up to today’s standards, there are a few features that every home renovator should consider including.

Here they are…

1.    In intelligent layout

While every home should be beautiful, functionality is arguably more important. If the existing layout of your home doesn’t compliment your family and the way you live, that needs to be the first thing you address.

Many period home designs feature floorplans which include a series of small interconnected room—a design which is in stark contrast to the open-plan layouts adopted by most contemporary home designs.

While making significant changes to alter the configuration of your home can be costly, it’s often well worth the investment. With the help of a quality custom home builder, you’ll not only be able to dramatically improve the liveability of the home, but you can also add significant value in process.

2.    Smart technology

Today’s homes are smarter than ever before. In recent years we’ve seen an influx of intelligent home technologies designed to make life significantly easier, and incorporating them into your home renovation is a simple way to bring your home into the 21st century.

From lights, power points, locks and doorbells to security systems, sound systems, cleaning and kitchen appliances and heating and cooling systems, the opportunities for home automation are vast and only likely to continue to grow.

Most smart technologies can also be controlled remotely from any location through your phone or even integrated into a home hub, allowing you to control everything from a single location.

3.    A solar energy system

With so many home appliances in use every day, many households are finding their regular energy bills are continuing to skyrocket. If you’re undertaking a home renovation, it’s a smart move to install a solar energy system while you’re at it.

A solar energy system not only allows you to provide or subsidise your household’s energy needs by harnessing the power of a sun – an entirely renewable energy source which is freely available to us – but it if you produce enough, it can even be fed back into the energy grid earning you money! Alternatively, you could also combine your solar system with a battery which allows you to store the energy you produce until you need it.

While solar energy systems are most effective in sunny locations, modern micro inverter solar systems can work more efficiently right throughout the day even with partial shading, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

4.    Refreshed interiors

What’s the point in investing so much time and energy updating key areas of your home if you’re not going to add the final touches to bring the rest of the home up-to-date?

From a new paint job, to installing new light fixtures, adding new door handles or cabinetry knobs or replacing old or damaged flooring, there are plenty of simple ways you can refresh and elevate the look and feel of your home and breathe some new life into it and maximise the value of your home renovation project.

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