Found Out Your Child Is Being Abused In School? Here’s What You Should Do Right Away

Hearing that a child has been hurt or mistreated is never easy. It can be even more earth-shattering when it’s your own child, and you find out that they have been suffering in an environment where they are supposed to be safe and protected school. It can be bewildering, infuriating, and confusing—you might find yourself at a loss as to what you can or should be doing about it. The following will outline the steps you need to take in the event that you discovered your child was being abused in school.

Safety Is Your First Priority

Foremost, remove the child from the situation where the abuse occurred and do not let them return to the situation until after a solution has been found, and you feel confident in their health and safety. If you have any reason at all to suspect that other children are in danger, reach out to the authorities—either through the school or local law enforcement. The safety of any children involved is the primary concern.  Also visit this site for more info.

Seek Medical Attention If Needed

Depending on the extremity of the situation, your child might need to visit a doctor or other medical professional. If you have any suspicion they have injuries that need healthcare, seek this out immediately.

Consider Emotional Support And Mental Health Professionals

In addition to seeking out medical attention, you might consider bringing your child to a mental health professional. Beyond this, you as a parent might also require some emotional support—countless brutal emotions tend to follow us around when our child has been hurt. You or your child might be struggling with guilt, shame, anger, depression, anxiety, or horror due to what happened. Speaking to a professional can help you name and cope with your emotions.

Reach Out To An Attorney

Even if you’re unsure of whether the situation will turn into a legal proceeding, it’s a good idea to attend a consultation with an attorney to get a better idea about your legal options. In most situations, there is a time limit during which you can use your legal options. Ensure that the attorney you choose to meet with works in the state where the injury or abuse occurred and specializes in the type of case you might be dealing with. Legal professionals at emphasize that the school owes your child a duty of care when a child is in school. In some abuse-at-school cases, the teacher or school board in question can be considered negligent of these duties and be required to compensate financially. A lawyer will be able to explain to you all of your options given the situation you find yourself in, taking into account the context and specifics.

Keep Communication With Your Child Open

Even if you decide not to speak to a professional, it can help make it clear to your child that you are free and available for them to talk to should they want to get things off their chest. Never tell a child who has been abused how they should be feeling. Listen and acknowledge all of their experience. Phrases like: “I can understand why you’d feel that way” can be incredibly helpful. But also, don’t force a child to talk if they’re not ready.

Keep Yourself In Check

You may have feelings of intense anger or inclinations towards violence or confrontations. If you are worried you can’t help yourself, reach out to the authorities—they can be extremely helpful and understanding in these types of situations. Getting into an altercation is only going to add to your child’s woe and struggle in this difficult time. They need you to be there for them, not seeking solutions to your own suffering.

Stay Off Of Social Media

It can be hard not to use the internet to vent, especially when something truly terrible has happened. This being said, social media posts can be accessed by lawyers, judges, and law enforcement during legal proceedings. Something you post might end up harming your cause in the long run—even something that seems unrelated to your situation. It’s best to stay off of social media altogether unless an attorney otherwise advises you.

Stay Off Of Social Media

The above information should help you navigate the chaotic and frightening situation of a child being abused while at school. This might turn out to be one of the most trying times in your life. Ensure that you are not neglecting to care for yourself with adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional support. You need to be as energized and present as possible with your child for the next while.