Flying ants vs. Termites: What’s The Difference?


Is it a winged termite or a flying ant? That’s a common question almost every homemaker asks witnessing these little creatures in their home. Ants and termites have something in common. And that’s damaging the wood quality. In fact, there are plenty of species of ants that swarm and are often misunderstood as termite swarmers. However, they have more differences than similarities in each other.

Let’s dig in to find out more about it!

How to tell the literal difference between them both?

Antennae – If you look closely, termite antennae are unique as compared to ants. This is because of the little balls or beads, which often make them look similar. When noticed, you can see an ant’s antennae are slightly more elbowed than the termite. So, look closely to figure out your answer.

Unique body shape – It is one of the prominent features that differentiate both of these creatures. Most carpenter ants have narrow ‘waists’; on the contrary, termites come with broader ‘waists’ which brings a huge difference in their appearance.

Attractants – It’s a fact that excessive moisture in the home attracts both – termites and ants the most. This is the reason why both these creatures are highly attracted to wood and damage it gradually. But here is a difference that draws a fine line between both these creatures. There may be news that ants are attracted to wood, but they do not eat the wood in real life. On the contrary, termites attack wood which weakens it with time. Ants are attracted to wood and other sorts of eatables around. That’s why you may see them wandering around the windows, walls, or kitchen area.

Diet – Termites inherit the nature of eating wood structures as they require a sufficient amount of cellulose to survive. And wood contains cellulose. On the other hand, carpenter ants do not eat wood; instead, they make their homes within wooden structures. They do so by excavating the shavings of wood and creating tiny holes to live. Unlike termites, the diet of carpenter ants is other insects.

Wings – It’s a fact that termites, reproductive carpenter ants, and swarms from the same community have unique sets of wings. These wings are used for the reproduction process. Furthermore, there are different identifiers to evaluate minor differences between these creatures and their species.

What is the easiest way to get rid of ants?

It’s no surprise that ants in the house seem no less than a nuisance creating a mess in every home corner. This is the reason many households come up with effective home remedies to get rid of them. Some of the most common are – using chalk, oranges, lemons, salt, pepper, etc., to avoid ants. However, these solutions may offer some temporary relief, but if you are looking forward to a reliable solution, go for ant pest control before you witness an ant infestation at your premises. This process involves the use of tools and concentrated cleaning agents to show effective results.

The final line –

Ants and termites are often misunderstood as one in appearance. But when you wake up to the realities and details of both, you can see a huge difference. From their body structure to diet, ants and termites are different. All you need is to know their thorough details to see the real difference.

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