Five signs you need a new boiler


With Christmas and New Year advancing in a few days, staying warm will be the need of the hour. If you do not fight off the chilly weather, you can fall prey to viruses that cause cold and cough. That is why you must try to keep the home heated during these months, mainly because the forecast has predicted freezing fog and snow in the upcoming weeks. So, what do you do? You welcome your new pal, the boiler.

A previously owned dysfunctional boiler means no hot showers and radiators. But, you can always get an A-rated, award-winning boiler with a smart thermostat; just click here to place an order. But, before placing an order, some signs help you spot and decide whether the boiler needs to be replaced with high-quality worcester bosch boilers​​​​​​​.

1. Boiler leaks

The boiler leak is one of the most obvious signs that the boiler needs replacement and is breaking down. It would be best if you paid heed to water leaks, as leaks cause serious issues that even damage your home. Some leaks can be caused due to the following problems:


The metal inside contracts and expands if the boiler is heating up constantly and cooling down. It leads to cracks and splits that leak the water.

Overworking valve

Your boiler’s pressure release may be working non-stop, which could cause boiler leaks. As a result, the boiler releases excessive water when the pressure is too high.


The boiler’s heat exchanger can undergo corrosion over time and split eventually. Since heat exchangers can cost a bomb, you must get a new boiler at that price.

2. Boiler is smelly

If you notice a terrible odor coming from the boiler, then you must get a new one. A well-functioning boiler will never release funky smells. Keep in mind that the bad smell from the boiler indicates a leak of carbon monoxide.

And, if you do not pay attention, it can get fatal as CO is dangerous and causes poisoning. Other signs of CO leak include brown-yellow stains around your boiler; besides, the pilot light may also turn yellow and cause condensation in the room where it is installed.

3. The boiler is making weird noises.

If your boiler is making weird noises, it could be a vital sign that the boiler needs to be replaced. You may hear the sounds of scratching, tapping, whistling, and boiling, which can indicate issues with the boiler.

A whistle can be a kittling sign in the boiler caused due to limestone build-up on the heat exchanger. Minerals in hard water result in limestone deposition on the component that transports heat into the water.

A scratching sound may be the result of sludge build-up. Dirty water is sludge basically, and when particles from contaminated water mix with iron oxide, rust develops inside radiators and pipes. The combination of water and rust forms a gooey substance that can pass via the heat exchanger and deposit particles, further restricting the water flow.

4. The house is not getting heated.

If your boiler is over ten years old, then it deserves to be replaced. A general thumb rule is that if you notice your house not getting heated properly, the boiler is failing to reach the ideal temperature. Older boiler models are not as efficient as the newer ones and even lack safety features. Thus, without wasting any further time, go ahead and get a brand new one, like a hydrogen boiler to combat the cold.

5. A sudden spike in energy bills

If you notice a sudden spike in energy bills, that may be a sign of getting a new boiler. This spike in the bills may be due to a faulty motorized valve as these valves can get jammed, causing multiple issues. A faulty motorized diverter valve may cause lukewarm water to come from your hot water tap. Also, with a defective valve, the boiler will keep on running when you have not even timed it, resulting in increased bills.

Also, an old pilot light can cause energy bills to rise. You must be wondering how? Well, an old pilot light in your old boiler is a small flame of burning gas that ignites the primary gas burner. If the flame burns the entire day, that means it is constantly wasting lots of gas and racking up the energy bills.


If you experience any of the issues mentioned above, do not attempt to repair the boiler by pulling off a DIY task. For starters, it can be perilous and can even cause an explosion. As suggests, we highly recommend purchasing a new boiler that comes with a labor and parts warranty.





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