Fitness Alternative Energy Devices

When we’re exercising at the gym or at home, one important point that we may not consider is the resulting effect on the environment. Your gym instructor might recommend the treadmill for warming up and burning calories, but how much electricity is that huge device actually gobbling up?

For those of us who are concerned about the environment, the issue of wasting electricity and power of exercise gadgets might pose a major conundrum. On the one hand, you want to get fit, but on the other, you simply can’t justify using up a load of non-renewable power just to run.

Fortunately, there’s an obvious way out of this crisis. Did you know that you can derive power from your morning jogging or mountain hiking to charge your gadgets? That’s right; you can utilize all that energy and use it for powering up devices such as your laptop or smartphone!

Fitness Alternative Energy Devices

The ‘Green’ Concept

The concept of fitness gadgets doubling as energy devices sounds impossible, but there are, in fact, many portable devices that support this “green” concept. Through these innovative gadgets, you obtain power from the kinetic energy you produce by your own movements such as walking or running. In turn, these gadgets will transform the kinetic energy into power that will re-charge your smartphone, tablet or even laptop, depending on the amount of power collected.

Here are some of these really interesting and innovative inventions that will not only provide alternative power for your gadgets but will also inspire you to get into shape:

1. nPower PEG

The nPower PEG (personal energy generator) is developed by Tremont Electric, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company that manufactures and markets “green” energy devices. This gadget is comprised of a cylinder which measures nine inches and weighs just over a pound.

The capacity of the nPower PEG is provided by a 2000 mA lithium polymer battery (according to its official website It collects power from kinetic energy while you’re walking, running, hiking or biking.

So how much power does the nPower PEG provide to your phone or tablet? It depends on how active you are and how much energy you draw to the rod-like energy device, as well as what type of gadget you’re going to re-charge.

So let’s say, if you walk carrying the nPower PEG for about a minute, then the nPower PEG provides a minute of re-charging to small gadgets like the iPod Nano. Other handheld devices that consume more energy require more exercise. An iPhone, for instance, requires about 11 minutes of walking to generate a minute of re-charging.

The nPower PEG set also comes with a USB cord, so you don’t have to find an extra one to recharge your devices. The walking to gain minutes of charging might be a bit of a bother, but that’s what the fitness device is all about.

2. Bionic Power

This energy contraption is developed by Bionic Power, a company based in British Columbia, Canada. It’s ideal for very rigorous activities and is specifically designed for people who work in the field, such as soldiers and reporters.

Battle soldiers who are weary of carrying clunky batteries strapped on their backs will benefit greatly from this device. It’s basically a set of braces (just like the athletic knee braces) that are strapped on the legs. The energy derived depends on the torque you get from the knees.

So how much power will you draw from Bionic Power? Again, the answer depends on the intensity of your activity. For example, if you walk in a leisurely pace, the device will draw enough energy to re-charge four handsets.

The great thing about Bionic Power is that it also adapts not only to the user’s speed but also to the type of terrain he or she is walking on. For instance, if you walk on a downward slope (like a hill or a slanting road) at a vigorous pace, the amount of energy generated will likely increase.

3. Lightning Packs

This is one of the most recent innovations yet, developed by the Pennsylvania-based company Lightning Packs, LLC. They design and manufacture backpacks that draw energy from activities such as walking, running and hiking.

Not only that, but their backpacks also give some ergonomic benefits to the user such as reduced joint stress (according to its official website The backpack’s frame also absorbs the energy from the user’s motions (walking, cycling, or hiking).

It’s said that the backpack doesn’t carry a lot of power (just over seven watts), but it’s enough to give another life to devices such as night goggles, MP3 players, or a GSM-enabled mobile phone. This could be a lifesaver when you’re out hiking, camping, or away from home for some other reason.

The frames weigh in at about 10 pounds, so it might be a hassle to carry the backpacks around, especially if you have a few essential inside them such as a water bottle, change of clothes, etc. However, researchers who developed the backpack have announced that they’re working to lighten the load a bit. This bag is particularly ideal for mountaineers and rescue workers, so you can consider getting it as a gift for someone involved in such activities.

Inspiration and Motivation

When we have one of these fitness alternative energy devices on hand, we’d probably feel more motivated to start exercising and working out as much as possible. Having a convenient energy source like this one is not just great for the environment, but also a boon for our own everyday tasks. We don’t have to worry about carrying a power bank with us wherever we go; the fitness device will hopefully carry enough power to recharge our gadgets as and when required.  Also be sure to check out sports samurai for great options.

If we’re even slightly interested in saving the environment, such fitness devices are a sound investment. These will help us rely less on conventional electricity sources and hence help us do our part in working for a better future. By saving on fossil fuels, we also save our own money, as recharging our devices won’t rack up our energy bill quite so much.

An Additional Benefit

We’ve mentioned several benefits of alternative energy devices, but there are still more upsides to getting such a device. One major additional benefit is that we can use such devices in cases of emergency.

Now that there are so many reports of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and other natural disasters stranding people and making them leave their homes, these devices give us an alternative energy source. Solar panels are also useful, but you can’t charge them on cloudy days or at night. With an energy source like this one, we’d always have something to power up our phones and hence remain safer during any kind of disaster.

Devices for Fixing Sleep

Once you get your alternative energy fitness device, one of the gadgets you can recharge it with could be the Sleepon Go2Sleep offering. This is a smart tracker that can evaluate our sleeping habits and help us improve this aspect of our lives. Check out the details for this here:

In addition to getting enough exercise, it’s also essential to get enough sleep in order to have a healthy body function. The Go2Sleep device is a smart ring that is designed to be used with both the iOS and the Android operating systems. You can wear it on your finger and go to bed. From there on, it will record your heart rate, blood oxygen, and several other vital signs.

What’s more, this device can even detect the times that you toss and turn in your bed, with a high level signifying a restless sleep. There’s also an accompanying app, which would analyze all this detailed information and give you suggestions for enhancing the quality of your sleep. These suggestions could include diet changes, certain exercises, or a change in movements.


Alternative energy devices not only enable you to go green, but many of them will also actually get you into an active, healthy lifestyle. We suggest that you invest in at least one of them as soon as possible. You might see a great increase in your activity level and motivation to work out.