Fire Safety Tips


It is important to secure your home from various elements, unwanted guests, or just about any other factor that might affect your wellbeing and that of your family. This is even more crucial at times like these where social interaction is limited and it is recommended to stay at home and be safe.

Fire is dangerous and it is not only your home or stuff that might get damaged or destroyed, but your very life can be threatened if you don’t react quickly. I decided to learn more about preventing a potential disaster so I decided to ask professionals from Red Truck Fire. Here are some simple yet effective precautions you should take.

Smoke Alarms

This is something many people would put at the bottom of their list of house inventory. Everybody knows that safety is important, but not all want to invest. Better safe than sorry is something we all should live by. Pointing fingers later and checking all the what-ifs is irrelevant when fire already does its nasty job.

That’s why having smoke alarms is the first step to successfully escaping danger. You should have them installed in every room and check if they work on a monthly basis. It might sound like a chore but regular maintenance can never hurt.

Even if you need help installing the alarm you should also consider hiring a good company. It’s not too late before it’s too late and every responsible person who cares about their family needs to think about safety first. There’s nothing luxurious or fancy here, and there is also no point risking the lives of your beloved just to save a few bucks.

Smoke alarms should also be replaced every 10 years, or you can simply change batteries every now and then if you notice they are not working.

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Fire Extinguishers

Most people do not have a fire extinguisher in their home, relying instead on the quick reaction of the emergency services. And while they do a really good job, a fire extinguisher may not be a bad idea.

Keeping one in the kitchen could help you prevent a minor kitchen accident from becoming a serious problem. WIth easy and short training, anyone can learn to use a fire extinguisher.

Be Careful

Fire can spread quickly and just a few moments of distraction might lead to a catastrophe. That’s why being smart and attentive around places where the fire is common is important. The kitchen of all places is always the first suspect.

Do not leave the stovetop on if you plan on doing something else, you might very easily forget to turn it off. With that in mind, you should also avoid leaving flammable objects like towels or wooden objects around a stove.

Appliances like toasters, coffee makers, or anything that produces heat should not be left unattended for too long. Pay attention to your kids and make sure you explain it to them not to play with matches, lighters, or appliances, maybe you should just keep them far from their reach, just in case.

Having fire safety equipment installed, such as fire extinguishers or fire sprinklers may also be a worthwhile idea to follow up on.

Make a Fire Escape Plan

Yet another precaution you should hope never to have to use, but you have to be ready if needed. First, make sure that every room in your home can have at least two escapes and determine a meeting spot outside.

Practice makes perfect so you need to train your family to escape as quickly as possible. You should practice escaping your home during the day and at night and measure time as well. Escaping under 2 minutes would be ideal and if you can help all your family members achieve that time then you are doing it right. Teach children to avoid smoke by putting a wet towel on their mouth, if possible they should also know that opening windows and doors might help.

In Case of Emergency

Make sure you all leave the home as quickly as possible, if there is a lot of smoke then you need to get low to the ground and move. Get to a safe distance and call 911. Do not try to get back inside before firefighters determine it is safe.

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