Finding the Right Fitness Gadgets

Many people struggle to lose weight and get into shape, whether this is for health reasons or for fitting into the clothes they like. However, this is an uphill struggle for most, especially when it comes to those in the developed world. We have easy access to unhealthy food and several means of easy transportation. Healthy eating and regular exercise require daily effort and lots of willpower.

In fact, a lot of factors hinder the journey towards a better and healthier weight. Lack of motivation, unavailability of proper information and lack of accurate calculation are just a few of these. However, with the right fitness gadgets, you can get the motivation and accuracy needed for lasting fitness.

Having Trouble With Fitness Gadgets

With the introduction of fitness gadgets, it has become easier to track your fitness progress. This helps people to achieve their fitness goals. However, a lot of times people end up buying devices that do not have the required features. This means they do not get the value for their money. Sometimes, there are extra features that are not required by the person, but the cost of the gadget gets higher due to those extra features.

On the other hand, some people find that the gadget does not provide features that they wanted and thus is not useful for them. For example, someone wants to know their sleep cycle and how well they sleep, along with measuring certain fitness milestone. However, not every gadget has this feature. If they bought the one which doesn’t show the sleep cycle, the gadget is not assisting them fully.  

Finally, with so many devices to choose from, it can be hard for a person to find the right device with the right features and value for money.  Also make sure you check home gyms here for options.

What to Consider Before Buying a Fitness Gadget

Finding the right fitness gadgets may be all that is necessary to help someone reach the success they desire. One needs to set their goals and know them before settling on any one device.

Those who are at a basic level of exercise or just want to get started may get everything they need from a normal basic step tracker. On the other hand, people who are regularly active or those who want athletic training would want gadgets with advanced features and professional devices with GPS.

Thus, precisely defining the purpose of the gadget you want to buy and exactly knowing your goals is essential in finding the right device for you. Following are some pointers that should be kept in mind while looking for a fitness device:

  • Design: The appearance of a fitness tracker or any other gadget might not be important to some, but most people do want something that will look good and go with their wardrobe. Several fitness enthusiasts wear a fitness tracker on their wrist all day long, so something sleek and smart is preferable.
  • Features: The features of fitness gadgets vary from the very basic to the advanced. Finding the right gadget means finding the one which has all the features that you require. Nearly all of them track two essentials; steps taken and calories burned. For more advanced features, one has to choose carefully between devices.
  • Apps: Some fitness trackers also come with a companion app that shows your synced data. These apps also let you change or manually feed data after you finish your activity or workout.  This comes in handy when one performs a variety of exercises and wants the app to differentiate between them Another important aspect is food logging, which allows us to input the food consumed throughout the day and thus keep track of our intake.
  • Compatibility: Fitness trackers are designed to sync with your smartphone, but make sure that the device you’re considering is compatible with your specific handset

Some Gadget Examples

If you are in the process of slimming down, consider using one of the top fitness gadgets on the market. These devices will help you understand how your habits and exercise affects your overall health. Find the one that appeals to you and will help you keep your fitness goals.

You may think of pedometers as the main fitness gadgets available, but something like earbuds can also count in this category. With the technology we have now, there is so much more that these gadgets can do along with keeping track of your steps. The devices available today can be put into a pocket, worn like a bracelet or around the neck. Following are a few of the best fitness gadgets available today:

1. Fitbit Ultra

Not only does this track the number of steps you take each day, but it also keeps track of how many calories you burn. It will even help you gauge how much restful sleep you get each night. Included with the Fitbit Ultra is a website account that synchronizes with the device and is compatible with other mobile applications. If you’re trying to keep track of more than one physical activity, the Fitbit Ultra will work well for you. This device runs just under $100.

2. The Basis Band

This is worn like a wristwatch and measures a number of things, including your temperature, galvanic skin response, and heart rate. You can upload the information to “the cloud” so you can have access to your data – calories burned, temperature, hours slept, etc– from any computing device. Since you know gathering data is not enough, the Basis gives you insight into your daily activities so you can see how your routine affects health and wellness. This gadget costs approximately $200.

3. The Motorola MotoActv

This costs around $250, so it might be more suitable for athletes such as pro runners. This device is GPS-enabled and doubles as an 8-gigabyte MP3 player. You can learn how the music you listen to affects your run by charting your stride per minute changes based by song. The display screen shows the number of steps you have taken during your workout, how many calories you burn each day and the date. It is easy to set and includes the application for both PCs and Macs.

4. Valencell’s PerformTek Earbuds

Unlike other fitness gadgets that attach to the arm or chest, the Valencell earbuds track breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, distance traveled, steps taken and much more. They can also provide music for your workout, as it connects with standard MP3 players.

5. The Striiv Gadget

This is similar to a pedometer but is being described as a pocket-sized personal trainer. Rather than simply measuring how many steps or strides you take, the Striiv encourages you to keep going in your workout by providing challenges and games during the workout. The cost for US residents is $99.

Remember, a number of people are shifting towards fitness gadgets.  You can form a group of people using the same gadgets which can help you discuss and learn more about the benefits plus proper usage of your device.

A Ball for Fitness

Not everyone can hit the gym to stay in shape, nor is a home gym always an option. Fortunately, lifting weights or tiring yourself at the treadmill is not the only way to get fit. Some people try to control their diet and add a few activities in their routine in order to achieve their fitness goals.  

We have seen the availability and introduction of some gadgets that encourage and help people in burning calories at home. The TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball is one of these, as it can help us burn those unwanted calories in the comfort of our own homes.

This ball has a two-step learning approach, where the black ball is made specifically for novices. When you get hang of it, go on to the more challenging red ball. The ball is specifically designed to be much lighter and softer than a tennis ball and is grove-free, so everyone can enjoy it without any worries about hurting themselves or others.

The ball is developed to help one train their reaction, agility, punching speed, fighting speed and hand-eye coordination. It is also easy to use, as one does not have to go to the gym and can even use this in work breaks. Users report that it is fun and easy to use, so you might not even feel like you’re getting a workout! In order to get more information about the ball or purchase it, go here:


Staying in shape and working towards a fitness goal has become a necessity for many folks. Given the different devices in the market, anyone can easily work out without going to the gym. They can also track their activities without the help of a professional fitness trainer. These devices are just one example of how advancements in technology are helping humans and making our lives easier.