Finding A Student Accommodation: Everything To Know About

Once you have decided on a university and the course you want to enrol in, it is time to start thinking of your housing options.

There is expected to be a spike in student enrollment to about eight million in 2025, which will boost housing demands.

As moving furniture from here to there will be a daunting task for students, they will prefer to live in a house with more amenities. The majority of students select a 1 bedroom furnished apartment since it is more economical.

With countless choices to choose from, like , you have better chances of finding suitable accommodation that fits with your lifestyle and budget.

Though you have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of options, you still need to understand what to anticipate.

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The Type

So, are you looking for halls or a more private accommodation style? With a bit of research from your end, you can finalise the type of housing option you are comfortable with.

What are the different kinds of student housing accommodation?


University halls are an excellent option if you are in your first year of college. It is student-friendly and a cost-effective choice for you to settle in with campus life.

Since the university runs it, you need not worry about commuting for lectures. Moreover, you even get access to all kinds of activities and unions. Apart from being a cheaper option, you get to socialise with other students in one place.

Private Student Halls

Like university halls, even these are managed by the college authorities but owned by private companies.

Here you get the chance to live in an independent room with a standard TV room and kitchen.

Moreover, you can even socialise and meet students from different cultures and universities under the same building. Though studio rentals are also available, they are a bit pricier than university halls.

Private Rentals

What is better than private apartments and flats if you have the budget to spend on a private space?

To lower the burden of the hefty rent, you can even share the apartment to divide the expenses.

Also, unlike student halls, these properties offer more privacy and utilities at your disposal. Though they might be further away from your campus, you mostly get easy access to transportation for commuting.

Here are a few primary things to look for in private rental accommodation.


It is no doubt that feeling safe would be your focus while looking for places to stay. University halls, though lacking privacy, are the safest spaces for first-year students who are new to the area.

Few of the private student halls are situated near the city campus. This option allows you to enjoy city life and be near the university during any emergencies.

Living in private apartments and rentals is pretty appealing. But you must assess the security features these places have to offer as the properties are further away from the campus.

Thus, look for rental apartments that offer efficient security backups like security guards, helpline numbers, efficient sign-in facilities, etc.


As mentioned before, university halls are the best bet for freshers and newbies since they are new to living on a budget. If you are in the same boat, saving money for your other expenses is more intelligent than spending it on your rent.

On the other hand, once you have adequate funds to lease a place, you can quickly move into private rentals and apartments.

Here you need to budget consciously and divide your expenses accordingly.

Wrapping Up

You can even reach out to the university board for more guidance and pick an accommodation type that aligns with your plans. Also, look online for offers from reliable agencies that provide students with safe and affordable housing options.

With careful research of the benefits and costs, you can make an informed decision to experience the best student life away from home.