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If you’re a homeowner, you probably know about the worry of locking ourselves out of our houses.  While we usually have our keys with us, things happen.  If that dreaded moment comes, you might feel like you have nowhere to turn and no options.  Don’t worry – there are things you can do!

While prevention is often the best medicine for something like this, we all make mistakes.  It’s nothing to beat yourself up over.  In a big city like Chicago, it’s good to know what your choices are if you do end up needing a locksmith.

What to do if You Lock Yourself Out

The first thing is to remember not to panic.  When you don’t have your keys, try to keep a cool head and go about things methodically.  If you share your home and live with others, try giving them a call.  Hopefully, they have a spare set of keys and can let you in.

If you live alone, that’s okay.  Next, try seeing if there are any unlocked windows, or if your back door is open.  It might be a long shot, but it’s never a bad idea to try.  After all, being stuck when you are alone isn’t a good feeling.

Now, if you’re a renter, you should call your landlord.  You might have to pay a fee to replace the key if you’ve lost it, but it’s better than being trapped outside.  Obviously, if you own a home, you won’t have a landlord, so this won’t be an option for you.  If you’re still stuck after all of that, it’s the time to call a locksmith.

What are Locksmiths and What do They do?

What are Locksmiths and What do They do

This is definitely the fastest option if you need to get inside quickly.  If you call one, they can probably get the door open in just a few moments once they arrive.  There are plenty of option if you are looking for a locksmith Chicago, so just look into one that looks right for you.

As far as what they are, it’s simple.  They’re someone who can create and repair locks.  Additionally, they can help you get back inside if you do lose your keys.  There is usually a fee for this, of course, but the convenience makes up for it.  Just remember that if it’s the middle of the night, you may pay a higher price.

One of the biggest perks of getting a locksmith is that they will minimize any damage done to your doors.  Sure, you could always try to break into your home, but this often leads to expensive damage.  You might even have the police called on you if any passerby spot you, since it looks quite suspicious.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Keeping our homes secure is something on all our minds, for sure.  We don’t want anything stolen, nor do we want our families to be hurt because of a break in.  This means that we should all have functioning locks on our doors.

Some people have shifted to using security systems without keys, though.  You may think this is a better or more modern solution, but it comes with risks as well.  You can read more about them in this blog post:

If you have a smart phone that you use to lock and unlock the home, if you lose it, you will probably have difficulty getting back inside – maybe even more than if you lose a key.  There isn’t a convenient service that can come even at three in the morning to help you.

Smart security systems can also be hacked.  While it’s improbable, it’s still something to consider.  When thinking about the safety of ourselves and our children, I like to know all the pros and cons of any decision I make.  Being an informed consumer is important to me, so I would like to share that with you.

While encryptions exist to prevent getting hacked, I prefer working with physical objects to keep my home secure.  I’ll be sticking with my lock and key for the foreseeable future, since I know that if I do need bailed out, there are services available for me that I can be confident in.

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