Features to Consider When Buying Garage Ceiling Fans


Garages provide you with a lot of extra space in your premises when you need them for some important activities, but do not want to mess up your home interiors. Although garages are traditionally meant for storing your cars, you could also use them as workshops, makeshift tool sheds, or a studio.

Most garages are spacious with ample room to move around, but there is hardly any scope for natural ventilation or lighting apart from the main door or gate. Using a ceiling fan can provide you with a wonderful solution to this problem.

Here are some features to consider while buying garage ceiling fans.

1. CFM and Damp Rating

The CFM determines the performance of these ceiling fans. Garage fans have a higher CFM than regular ceiling fans meant for regular domestic use with a CFM of about 5000. Try to opt for a garage ceiling fan that has a CFM of 10,000 or more.

These ceiling fans are damp-rated. Hence they are perfectly equipped to handle dust, rain, and snow. You can also wash them easily using a hosepipe, and being UL-rated makes them perfect for both indoor or outdoor use.

2. Blades

Garage ceiling fans have longer blades than average domestic ones, and they are also greater in number. You can find five to seven blades in these fans, and they are equipped with 70” aerodynamic blades.

Try to opt for the longer blades because they will have a more substantial cooling effect even on the hot summer days, and the air will reach the farthest corner of your garage. They can offer wind speeds of 4 MPH and above, and you can enjoy the breeze even if you are not sitting right under the fan.

3. Wifi Connectivity

It will be very convenient to control your garage fan via your smartphone so that you do not have to manually control the settings every time you want a change in airflow.

It also enables you to control more than one fan, if needed. The modern fans can be connected to Android and Apple devices and offer you greater precision with the settings.

4. Motor Strength

Garage ceiling fans are mostly equipped with DC motors, which are far more efficient than AC fans. Choose a fan rated for energy efficiency since it will help you save power in the long run and curtail the amount on your electricity bills.

DC motors are strong, and you can use them for both covered and uncovered garages and spaces. They are not influenced by moisture and can keep working for years. 6 Speed DC motors and above are some of the best in the industry.

5. LED Fixtures

One of the best methods to light up your covered garage is to opt for a fan with LED lights attached to them. You get the dual function of ventilation and lighting with a single fan.

The LED lights are energy-efficient, and you may dim them as you want. The fixtures have sleek, contemporary designs, and they add style and panache to your garage space effortlessly.

Considering these aspects will help you buy the best garage ceiling fans, and you will be able to make maximum use of the available space on your premises. It will make the room more comfortable and utilitarian for sure.

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