Fan Installation Guide


Anyone trying to choose between a DIY fan installation or hiring an electrician to complete the work for them will discover the benefits of using an electrician below.

How Can An Electrician Help With Fan Installation?

Make it safe: One of the ways electricians can help the process of a fan installation is to make it safe. Homeowners may make the mistake of trying to install a fan themselves without realizing they have not been trained and the safety issues regarding electrical installation. Just watching a video or reading a blog is not information to properly install a fan. A professional electrician is trained in safety procedures. They are experienced and will be able to complete the job without injury to themselves, the homeowner, or the house. Safety is one of the main reasons to hire the services of an electrician.

Understands the technical details: One of the other reasons to hire an electrician to install a fan is their ability to understand technical details. They will be able to read a blueprint or technical diagram that is used to determine where to place the fan during the installation process. In some instances, the fan might have to be installed in a section of the ceiling that does not currently have a fan. A skilled electrician will be able to run new wires to attach the fan to the circuit box. An Electrician will know how to go about installing the fan in a part of the house that does not have a fan. By looking at the design of the home, they will be able to determine to run the wires to get your fan spinning in time for the warm weather.

Can install according to code: There are numerous code violations each year, and a homeowner will need to ensure that any installation is done according to code. An electrician is up-to-date on the codes governing a home improvement, such as the addition of a fan. Homeowners should realize they run a big risk by completing work that is not done according to code and will require large amounts of time and money to correct. Electricians quickly reduce the chance of code violations.

Provides expertise and experience: It should never be overlooked the amount of expertise an electrician will provide during a fan installation. They will be able to see if the fan a homeowner has selected is safe to install. An electrician also is able to avoid having a wobbly fan that does not cool properly. This is because the fan is imbalanced, and since it was not installed correctly, it can become a major safety issue. In serious cases, this fan can fall to the ground and cause damage or injury.

What Are The Problems Of DIY Fan Installations?

  • Costs to repair problems: One of the dangers of trying to install a fan yourself is the added costs during the process. An electrician will be able to get it right the first time. However, homeowners who are not skilled in electrical work will do more harm than good, resulting in a loss of money and having to call an electrician to repair the work they originally completed. Someone trying to do it themselves might not have all of the parts or tools needed to successfully complete the installation. They might have to go back and forth to the hardware store or decide to improvise, which decreases the chances of the installation being safe. Using an electrician will stop these hassles from occurring.
  • Faulty wiring: It is possible for a fan installation to have faulty wiring when completed as a DIY project. Someone who is not trained to install fans might decide to use the wire from a lighting installation to connect to the fan. It is also a little more complicated if the homeowner decided to do a fan and lighting installation at the same time. Someone who is not trained will not be aware that a special gauge of wiring is required to connect to the fan. All of these problems may be eliminated by using an Electrician.
  • Damage to the ceiling: Placing in a ceiling fan or changing a light to a fan is one of those things that can only be done by an experienced electrician. The homeowner runs the risk of damaging the ceiling and having to pay more to get it all repaired.

Additional Suggestions

Investing in a ceiling fan with a light kit is great if are planning on providing some air in your gazebo while also having lighting


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