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Eurofase Lighting is a top-quality lighting producer and distributor operating on a global scale to service consumers in every country. The brand’s objective is to be a one-stop shop for all customer’s lighting needs, and collections are designed for both residential and business consumers. Many of the other lighting manufacturers do not offer such breadth and range of fixtures. Eurofase Lighting fixtures are unmatched in terms of quality and consistency. The brand was started thirty years ago and has grown to become a global leader in the luxury lighting and manufacturing industries. It is unsurprising that these gorgeous fixtures are the preferred choice of professional designers and a brand that clients come to time and time again for their home improvement projects. Eurofase Lighting products can be found in high-end stores, architectural projects, and the work of prominent interior designers.

The Eurofase Lighting Product Line

Eurofase Lighting is the top pick for designers, homeowners, renters, architects, and a variety of other design-conscious professions. You may select from a variety of statement chandeliers from the industry’s leading brand to create the ideal focal point in a foyer, living area, or formal dining room. Pendant lighting is a versatile and contemporary option that works well over a kitchen countertop or dining table. Choose pendants to provide seamless sophistication and laid-back ease to any environment. Eurofase Lighting’s ceiling and wall mount choices provide the practicality and usefulness necessary to keep your environment lighted adequately after dark. When it comes to lighting your home, the bathroom is frequently disregarded, but this should not be the case. This is an opportunity to select a statement-making vanity light or sconces that will make a statement even in a small space. Recessed and track lights illuminate any area without being overpowering or detracting from the aesthetic of other furnishings in the room. Eurofase Lighting sells its products through shops worldwide, but purchasing online enables you to quickly browse their extensive variety and locate the components you are looking for.

LED Mirrors

We are going to begin with mirrors since they are the company’s most enticing product. Eurofase Lighting provides a variety of attractive LED backlit mirrors suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They are ideal for home and public washrooms and bedrooms, dressing rooms, and tailoring shops, as they provide optimal lighting and look fantastic in any location.


While track lighting is frequently thought of as more essential than aesthetically pleasing, Eurofase’s assortment proves that you may have both. They offer a number of alternatives for track lighting, ensuring that you achieve the lighting needs and aesthetic you desire.

Recessed Lighting for Wall & Inground

Eurofase’s classy recessed lighting for walls and inground will illuminate your steps, pathway, pool deck, and more. Recessed Lighting has a significant impact on more than simply making a space safe and usable at night; it also substantially affects the aesthetic and atmosphere or mood that it gives out.


If you are trying to shop for outdoor lighting, Eurofase is nearly certain to have something you will definitely adore. They provide a vast array of alternatives, including the recessed lighting described above, as well as wall mounts, bollards, and spotlights, all of which have a trendy industrial look that we genuinely love.


Additionally, Eurofase allows users to customize their lights, ensuring that they acquire the ideal items for their space. They collaborate with their clients to ensure that they are getting precisely what they are searching for.

The Eurofase Lighting’s Aesthetic

Eurofase Lighting’s aesthetic is intended to surprise and amaze customers on a continuous basis. The brand prioritizes two distinct goals: products that conform to aesthetic elements and pieces that prioritize functionality. With a complete illuminating look from Eurofase Lighting, it is simple to create a fully illuminated and stylish house. You will discover ultra-modern finishes varying from bronze to black, as well as striking luminaries that make a statement on their own. The brand has built a reputation for offering collections that span a variety of styles without sacrificing quality. Eurofase Lighting also manufactures fixtures for outdoor use, ensuring that your exterior lighting is as eye-catching as your inside settings. So whether you are looking for a single striking lighting piece or reassembling the lighting in a complete home renovation project, the global brand has just what you are looking for.

Eurofase specializes in creating outstanding showstopper fixtures that are both flashy in appearance and elegant in structure. The brand and its portfolio of lighting fixtures are known for their never-before-seen shapes and designs. The designs are classic contemporary art with lamps shaped like enormous mesh spheres, oysters, or twisted helixes. These polished nickel and white nickel lighting are ageless and exude luxury. In addition, all Eurofase Lighting Creations have a sense of dynamism due to the cuts and curves on each product.

Eurofase is gearing up for an amazing year in 2021.

Eurofase’s existing line of products, website, and catalog have all been updated significantly. This year’s new fixtures feature some striking new designs and additions to existing product families. Their website already includes enhanced interactive features and a search engine. Their website is also fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

The new fixtures and designs for 2021 feature a diverse range of styles. Modern, transitional, and baroque styles are available for fixtures. LEDs account for a sizable portion of newly installed fixtures. Their new collection features innovative new finishes made through the application of novel processes to generate new effects and forms. In addition, numerous different glass textures have now been added, further diversifying their already extensive selection of glass treatments.

As LED fixtures increase with the advancement of new technology. Along with this technical advancement, Eurofase has sought to create well-built fixtures with a contemporary flair that embody the values of high craftsmanship and functional design in connection to LEDs. Whether it is a multi-headed fixture or a standalone fixture with numerous light sources, they create fixtures that make the best use of LEDs and maximize their effectiveness.


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