Factors to Consider When Remodeling a House


House remodeling is an exciting project. But it requires a lot of planning and money. Having the right contractor is vital for the success of your renovation.

Be realistic – not every renovation is structurally feasible. For example, knocking down a load-bearing wall may not be possible. It’s also crucial to consider how you’ll live during the remodeling.


Home renovation costs can quickly balloon out of control, so it’s important to establish a budget before starting any work. Carefully reviewing the scope of your remodel, talking to others who have gone through similar projects and creating a spreadsheet can help fine-tune your plan. Defining your style, choosing materials carefully and being selective with contractors can also reduce costs.

It’s a good idea to get multiple contractor estimates before choosing one. Remember that the lowest offer is only sometimes the best option since cheap labor might lead to costly errors that raise overall expenses.

For whole house remodels, consider moving out during construction to save on living expenses and allow the contractor to work faster and more efficiently in your absence. You can also save on costs by purchasing used fixtures and finishes. This can significantly cut your remodeling costs and give you a more customized home without blowing your renovation budget.


The design phase of your renovation takes a great deal of time and thought. You must carefully plan out each aspect of your project and place it on detailed drawings, get permits, and pre-approve your remodel before contractors ever set foot in your house.

Staying within your neighborhood’s standards when remodeling a home is also important. Over-improving a property will turn off potential buyers. For example, if no other homes in your area have crown molding and high-end countertops, adding those features will not add much value to your home.

Similarly, if you wish that your house was in a different neighborhood or had a larger yard, moving may be a better option for you. A rebuild can give you a brand-new home with your desired amenities. However, a move requires a lot of work and money. Many individuals believe it is not worth the trouble. Before deciding, it is critical to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility.


Adding a room or second floor can double your living space and greatly increase your home’s value. This is one of the more expensive remodeling options, but it can considerably increase usable square footage. It might also be a suitable option for homeowners with growing children who wish to stay in the same neighborhood and individuals who work from home and need a specialized office or studio space.

Remodeling can often reveal unexpected work that needs to be done. Especially in older homes, renovations may uncover the need to replace or repair damaged areas. Things like rotting wood or old electrical wiring can add up quickly and significantly to the cost of a remodel.

Seattle remodeling company will give detailed planning for any renovation project. It’s important to have realistic programming of work that considers the availability of materials, weather delays and construction schedules. Communicating regularly with your contractor is also good to ensure work progresses as planned.


A major consideration is how long you’ll have to live without your kitchen or bathroom during the remodel. Living in a house during construction is challenging for humans and pets alike, especially if it drags on for months.

Even the best contractors may need help to meet your time frame for finishing the project. Weather is always a factor and can delay almost any job.  Plan and talk with your whole house renovation experts about what to expect, including practical work programming.

You should also examine if the makeover adds value to your property. Expensive tiling and porches, for example, might be beautiful additions but seldom increase value. If you want to boost the value of your property, a rebuild may be a better alternative. A build is also a terrific method to acquire your desired design.

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