Factors to Consider When Buying Rolex Sea-Dweller in Singapore


Rolex is a name synonymous with luxury and excellence around the world. One of their finest creations, and something very sought after by collectors, is the Rolex Sea-Dweller. This watch series is very popular with men, but some women also buy the Rolex Sea-Dweller because of its sleek look and modern features. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a Rolex sea dweller.


The Rolex Sea-Dweller is one of the most expensive watches you can buy. It is not unusual for a new Rolex sea dweller to cost 2, 2.5, or even three times more than its retail price. The price of used Rolex sea dwellers in Singapore also varies widely depending on the wear and tear, age, and version of the model. Due to the cost of the Rolex sea dweller, you must select a model with all its original parts and accessories.


All Rolex sea dwellers are unidirectional. This means that the bezel only rotates counterclockwise and cannot be turned clockwise. This orientation is that divers wear their watches on their right wrist, so they should have a watch that can only rotate counterclockwise. Diver’s usually worn watches in a left-handed style, so they can turn the bezel to tell the time when their hands are wet. The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a few exceptions where not all versions have a bidirectional bezel.


Most Rolex sea dwellers are self-winding. However, you can also manually wind the version with an automatic movement to increase its power reserve if it is not in use within 48 hours. For the later models of Rolex sea dwellers that do not have this feature, you need to shake or tap it gently when you put them on or take them off to ensure that the power reserve between wearing it for more than 48 hours.


Dial Color

The Rolex sea dweller has up to three different colors of dials. The modern versions come with black, blue, or silver dials, so choose according to your preference. Some watch collectors even mix and match the colors of the Rolex sea dweller in Singapore with other watches in their collection. The older models of the Rolex sea dweller have black, blue, or copper dials.

Crystal Material

As expected from a luxury watch brand, the Rolex sea dweller has scratch-resistant sapphire crystals instead of the more standard acrylic or mineral glass. The downside is that it costs a lot more to replace a scratched crystal than a broken one. For replacement purposes, you need to know beforehand if the Rolex sea dweller you are about to buy has a sapphire crystal, especially if you are buying used ones.

Depth Resistance

The Rolex sea dweller is designed to withstand water pressure up to 300 meters. Of course, this varies with the version of the Rolex sea dweller because some can go as deep as 1,000 meters. The newer models have a helium escape valve, which allows the watch’s interior to equalize with the water pressure once you go deeper than 300 meters.


Older versions of the Rolex sea dweller have a five-year warranty from the date of purchase, but newer models and all the newer versions of the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea have one year. If you are buying used, make sure to find out what type of warranty the watch has because it is not uncommon for people to sell their watches with fake warranties.

Color Scheme

The bezel of the Rolex sea dweller has a black or blue ceramic finish, but newer versions come with a brushed metal finish. The latest models also have gold and red accents on the dials and hands. These design changes make each version of the Rolex sea dweller unique, so it is essential to consider your personal preferences when choosing a model.


When buying Rolex sea dwellers, it is essential to go for models with the most original parts and accessories. Newer versions are also better because they have more features than earlier ones. Most importantly, it would help if you considered your preferences when choosing a model.

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