Facial Hair Removal Procedure


Facial hair removal is a procedure that removes hair from various body parts. In Singapore, people with excess facial hair need not shave or wax their beards to clean up their looks. Instead, they will opt for a more convenient and effective method – facial hair removal by electrolysis.

Electrolysis uses electricity to decompose chemical compounds to remove unwanted hair growth on various parts of the body. Using electrolysis, facial hair removal is very effective as it can be adjusted according to one’s facial hair growth and its texture.

Facial hair removal in Singapore by electrolysis is also safe because it uses electricity to stimulate the follicles without requiring any insertion of needles on the skin. As such, there are no risks of infection or blood-borne diseases.

Facial Hair Removal Procedure

1. Shave and Trim

Shaving is the first step you need to undertake to start effectively completing this facial hair removal process. By shaving, you can control the degree of hair removal. Men usually prefer a low-profile beard, while women may opt for short and short-haired beards. Trimming, however, is a more aesthetic method whereby the hair that’s left will be kept shorter than before and looks smoother thanks to the uniformity of its length.”2. Facial electrolysis – Facial electrolysis (or simply electrolysis) is a method that uses an electric current in the form of a needle to stimulate and remove the hair follicles. The needles can be inserted into the skin for a certain time before being removed to complete the treatment. Afterward, one may use a special cream or gel that will allow the hair growth to be stimulated again and have it regrow.

Facial electrolysis treatment is a very effective method of removing unwanted facial hair because it is safe and painless. You can visit med spa Dallas and get your facial hair removed effortlessly.

3. Trim the hair with an electric shaver

Trim the hair with an electric shaver

After you have completed the first step of shaving, you will be able to trim the hair with a standard electric shaver further down in this process. This step can be done about once a week to ensure that the hair does not grow above your desired length level.

You will notice how tender, sensitive, and red your skin becomes following facial electrolysis. Your skin may also be more prone to further irritation by shaving or trimming due to its sensitivity. To prevent further irritation, you should use an electric shaver instead of a blade shaver when trimming down your facial hair.

4. Schedule regular laser treatments

In addition to shaving, trimming, and electrolysis treatment, you can schedule frequent laser sessions. However, this treatment method should be used as a supplement to electrolysis rather than a replacement because it is pricier and is still not as effective compared to electrolysis in the long run.

For facial hair removal by laser, you will have to book an appointment at a special clinic or doctor’s office that offers this type of treatment. Laser treatment is a high-tech method of removing hair growth on a particular body part by emitting laser beams that target the hair follicles and allows them to be eliminated quickly.

In addition, you should inform your doctor about the type of treatment you may want, as each technology used can be more effective in removing specific hairs. Some common types of laser technology are:

In conclusion, facial hair removal in Singapore by electrolysis is the most effective way to clean up your looks and achieve nice, smooth skin. Through electrolysis, you can effectively manage how much hair you want on your beards to look younger, more attractive, and more groomed. It is also safe, painless, and affordable in Singapore.


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