Exploring non-penetrating guardrails briefly for a better understanding


In the market, you get different types of non-penetrating guardrail systems that ensure fall protection. Since they don’t mechanically attach to the roof, you can move or relocate them quickly. Credit for quick installation goes to their design that includes ballasted or iron bases to enable them to stand independently without requiring fasteners or nail for anchoring.   Although there can be options in this equipment, they all comply with OSHA standards needed for fall protection.

These guardrails are most suitable for rooftops and high surfaces in construction sites as well as other industry sites. Building owners invest in this to safeguard their workers and personnel from occupational hazards. If you want to buy this equipment, visit this company for more info. Getting non-penetrating rooftop guardrails can prove beneficial to you for many reasons. Let’s explore them.

Benefits of using temporary guardrail systems

One of the highlights of this type of fall protection system is its non-penetrating design. Since these don’t attach physically to the roof, you don’t have to worry about roof damage. The roof can remain in its original health for a long time. Plus, maintenance is not a headache. 

Because they are non-penetrating, you can install them quickly. You have to click it into its designated place. It can be both time and money-saving. However, some may wonder about its safety as it doesn’t require anchoring through nails and bolts. But it deserves a mention that guardrails are strong and stable. They meet OSHA terms and conditions determined for the fall protection system like them. Hence, you don’t need to bother either about the safety of your structure or workers or this equipment.

Some of these designs tend to be quite flexible also, allowing you to custom-fit them as per your needs. You can choose additional guardrails and toe plates for higher convenience. These guardrails also offer incredible slip resistance, thanks to their rubber base. So regardless of the surface (metal or concrete), the equipment will remain firm in its place. 

You can also trust this device to offer corrosion and weather resistance due to the galvanized body.

Choice of a non-penetrating guardrail

For the integrity of your roof, you can choose from straight, collapsible, and curved designs. Straight guardrails can go with any surface. Collapsible models resemble with straight guardrails. People mostly prefer them for their aesthetic looks. However, curved guardrails are excellent in terms of providing both safety and architectural appeal.

No matter what you choose, you have to remember that unprotected roof corners can be potentially harmful to your workers as well as the reputation of your company. If you install a non-penetrating fall protection system in place, you can take a sigh of relief for ensuring the best safety measures for your employees and building structure from your side.

Just make sure you buy this safety equipment from a trusted seller or company only. Plus, it has to be OSHA compliant because it can stand as a guarantee of quality and trust. So, if you haven’t invested in one yet, reconsider your plans and get one soon.

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