Everything You Need To Know to Design a Gaming Room In Your Home

Family game night is a tradition held by families across the globe. No matter the situation, game night eases tensions and gets everyone collaborating constructively. And let’s not forget how good laughter is for the soul. So why not turn up the heat on your family game night by adding a gaming room to your house?

What is a Gaming Room?

A gaming room is anything from a space kitted out with the latest tech and online gaming equipment to an all-purpose entertainment space. The best thing about a dedicated gaming room is that there truly is no limit to what it could be. The best idea is to look at what you, your family, housemates, or friends would like to have and find a way to integrate that into your gaming room.

How To Design a Gaming Room

There are many distinct types of gaming rooms and various ways to go about setting one up. To cover as much ground as possible, we’ll give you ideas for as many different takes as possible.

Gambling Suite

Think opulent, elegant, and functional. The perfect gambling suite can transport players to Monte Carlo, Macau or Las Vegas. But you don’t need a thousand blinking lights to achieve a real-life casino feel. A trend in high-end casinos is to use wood-paneled walls in a luxurious color like a dark grey with blue or beige undertones. Also, consider dark carpets over tiles or laminate flooring. Finish off the look with either a purpose-built poker table or a DIY poker table. As a bonus, you could include a desktop or two so your guests can experience real-time online casino NetBet games for example, as an alternative.

RPG Bunker

The ideal RPG bunker is a place of peak comfort. You want gaming chairs with good back support, lighting that isn’t too bright and intrusive and doesn’t create glare on the screen, and you need tech.

PC monitors are the industry standard for the top gamers. Still, TV screens are generally more affordable and bigger, and who doesn’t want a massive screen for Call of Duty or GTA V? Immersive experience is the name of the game. Get rid of unsightly wires and unnecessary TV stands and save space by mounting screens directly to the wall. No big deal if you can’t do it yourself. There are professional TV mounting services that can do it for you. While you’re at it, why not mount the controller stations too? Last but not least, nifty graphics or retro fluorescent light features on the wall set the perfect mood.

RPG Bunker

Family Rec Room

Last but not least, we have the most essential gaming room of all. This is the space where family and friends will get together and play good-natured games, have snacks and exciting conversations, and get rid of the pressures of their individual lives. Here you want comfortable chairs with space for enough people. A good three-seater couch and a few comfy armchairs should do the trick. Keep the space light and airy with neutral wall paint and good natural ventilation where possible. A dartboard on the wall with a set of Harrows darts, a scoreboard for games past, and a fridge for half-time refreshments are the perfect way to finish off your space.


Get your friends and family together and see what kind of gaming room is ideal for you. Dealers’ choice, opt for a quietly luxurious gaming suite or the perfect spot for your weekly Scrabble game or Call of Duty campaign. Apart from being loads of fun, gaming is an excellent way to keep stress down.