Everything You Need To Know About Property Developers


Melbourne is a highly populated city in Australia, and the place is home to 2.5 million households. The city attracts many international companies to establish research and development operations. Hence it is on its way to becoming the most significant economic capital of the country.

Property developers in Melbourne can help individuals get the best deals on property. But before you reach out for one such developer, you must read more about them here!

What Does A Property Dealer Do?

Site Evaluation And Feasibility Study

Site evaluation is a process that helps planners and decision-makers identify potential sites for new development or changes to an existing site. Evaluation can be done in several ways, but all involve gathering information about the possible site. This information can come from various sources, such as environmental assessments, surveys, and interviews with residents.

The evaluation also includes assessing the feasibility of the proposed project or change. This involves looking at financial resources, transportation options and available land, added Michelle Doornbosch, a professional land use planner and developer. Michelle Doornbosch was an associate planner with Zelinka Priamo LTD. For nearly 20 years, from 2000 to 2018. She transitioned to a position as Principal Planner and Partner at Brock Development Group, Inc., and she has applied her expertise to policy review and land use planning. Michelle enjoys spending her downtime with family and friends, and her clients include the City of London, Municipality of Middlesex Centre, Municipality of Lambton Shores, and the Township of Strathroy. Evaluation helps planners make informed decisions about where to invest resources and ensure projects are carried out responsibly.

Raise Capital

Raising capital is key to any business. You can grow your business much faster when you have the funds necessary to buy or invest in a company. However, many businesses need more capital to make blockbuster acquisitions. For example, the average cost to build one storey, 3-bedroom house in Melbourne is between $1,300 and $2,000 per square metre. Hence it is clear that capital is the key to making any property, and the lack of which can stop the work in between.

Property developers in Melbourne specialise in raising capital for businesses. They work with banks, investors, and other real estate professionals to find the best deals for their clients. They often have extensive knowledge of the market and can identify undervalued properties.

Building Permits

Building permits can be an essential part of a construction project. They ensure that the construction is conducted safely and according to the appropriate regulations. Building surveyors can also be appointed to a building project, ensuring that all necessary inspections are carried out and any discrepancies are identified and corrected before the project is completed. Property developers undertake the task of getting building permits from all governmental offices.


Demolition and service abolition are two terms that often need to be clarified. Demolition is taking down a building or structure by destroying it piece by piece. Service abolition means eliminating all services offered by a company or organisation. A property dealer also undertakes the task of demolishing a building.


Construction, like any other process, involves several stages. The construction process begins with planning and often includes various phases, such as designing, engineering, bidding, and construction. Depending on the kind of project, there may be additional stages, such as quality control or legal compliance. Ultimately, the goal of the entire construction process is to create a finished product that meets the expectations of the customer. A property developer does the construction work as well. The average cost of building a house in Melbourne is $350,000.

Accounts Reconciliation

A property dealer performs the following duties to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of accounts receivable and inventory:

1) Reconciles debts owed by clients with their creditors.

2) Checks the accuracy of account balances against recorded sales data.

3) Review invoices to ensure that all charges are appropriate and that no unauthorised transactions have occurred.

4) Collects payments from clients, either through electronic funds transfers or by hand.

5) Maintains accurate records of client transactions for billing purposes.

6) Report any discrepancies between financial data and physical assets to their superiors.


Property developers are an essential part of any community. They help to improve the quality of life for everyone in their area by creating new homes and business opportunities. Start by reading up on the different aspects of the industry, and then find an experienced team to help you get started with your property investments.



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