Everything you need to know about Granny Flats


Everyone has their dream house ideas. But only a few can fulfil those ideas. But what about the extra area or the room in the dream house? Does the extra area provide any rental income to the owners? For such people, Granny flat designs are the best-suggested people.


Granny flat is accommodation within, that is separated or attached to a separate house. It is a piece of home that is separated from the whole strata or included within. It is also known as a secondary dwelling or principal dwelling. In other words, the division of houses in the large area is called a granny flat.


Granny flats usually cost 100,000 dollars to 1200,000 dollars for a one-bedroom granny flat. The overall cost includes the build price, design and approvals, site costs, standard inclusions. The people who build these flats complete the construction at the promised time and with complete installations. The flat is designed for one or two people to stay in it. Sometimes old aged parents would stay in the house. So, it is called Granny flat. Adding a granny flat to the house is the best option than buying a whole new property. This granny flat adds resale value to one’s home and gives the owner a chance of getting rental income with the house.

Few people doubt if the granny flat can be built in the backyard garden. It is neutrally allowed, which means in some countries, to build the granny flat design at the back garden, one needs to get permission from the government. But in few other countries, people can build a flat in any of the places that they own.  Be sure to check out this official website granny flats.


There are the three most popular granny flats designs on the list:

  • The attached accessory dwelling unit
  • The detached dwelling unit
  • The garage conversion


This dwelling unit is a design, where the owner gives out the work for the extra room in the house. Here the owner plans an attached ADU for the room which, will have a separate entrance out from the home. It will also have a clean and modern interior option and a staircase.


This dwelling unit is the best idea to occupy the unutilized backyard or garden. It is away from the main property and gives a huge spacious look to the property. It is not the attached house as the attached dwelling unit. It is a separate home that is not connected with the main house.


When one is not into a garage and is not interested in storing their material, what can they do with that area? This garage can be converted into a granny flat. This type is the simple and easy conversion of a room into a granny flat. By giving some reconstruction and outline designs to the room, it can be turned into a granny flat.


  • It can be home office to many
  • It can be used as a guest room.
  • Keeps the family close
  • The place can be used as a place for one’s skills.
  • It can provide a rental income.
  • It increases the value of one’s property.
  • It has flexibility in its structure
  • It will be the emergency room for many of the family members

Granny flat designs are the best budget-friendly ideas in increasing the property area. These are cheaper than buying a whole new property and provide the best rental income to the property owners. One who is in search of a great idea in having the best property can go with granny flat design ideas.

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