Everything to Know About Men’s Buzz Cut


Besides the many responsibilities a man is given in society, they are also expected to look good. Good grooming starts with the hair, and you can become a more respected man in society by going for the buzz cut. This style gives you that masculinity feeling, and it is low maintenance and easy to achieve.

If you work in the office, this hairstyle is fit for you. It is a very convenient style because you can spend the whole day in the office and attend your friend’s event in the evening, meaning buzz cut is also fit for a casual setting.

Is It Right for Me to Get a Buzz Cut?

Although we have described it as an easy to achieve hairstyle, it mostly depends on the shape of your head. Knowing your head shape will help in determining which style of buzz cut will suit you best. People with the protruding occipital bone are advised to go for a blend on the sides. A uniform length might not be the best one for them. Before instructing your barber, ensure you study how your head is shaped to reduce the chances of you regretting afterward.

Is It Right for Me to Get a Buzz Cut?

Buzz Cut Styles


This is the shortest buzz cut you can get. The haircut is mostly associated with the military. To achieve this style, use clippers without a guard. A razor blade will come in handy if you want something shorter.

Crew Cut

This buzz haircut leaves you clean yet stylish. Your barber will taper your hair on the back and sides of your head and clipper the top evenly to achieve the style. They can also opt to taper the top towards the end of your head top. This makes the hair longer towards the front.


With a buzz cut, you do not have to sleep worrying about how you will style your hair the following day. The disadvantage of it is that you cannot change your look at once to suit a one-day event or for any occasion. However, you can also get a cut that will allow you to create different styles, and the best you could go for is a butch.

Flat Top

If you are not in for a dramatic buzz cut style, then you should consider a flat top style. A flat top is one of the standard high fade haircuts. Your stylist will clipper the hair at the top to give a flat surface. To maintain the look, you can use products like gel or pomade. Though regular maintenance is needed, sometimes you can skip some days without maintenance as long as you are not always on the move.

High and Tight

This style resembles an undercut with less hair on top. The barber clippers the back and sides of your head to achieve this hairstyle. He shapes them with guards 1 and 2 and creates the contrast at the top using guard 2.

High and Tight

How to Do a Buzz Cut Myself

You can get this style at home. Before you start, first ensure your hair is clean and dry. If you work with wet hair, it will stick and make it hard for you to achieve what you want. Damp hair also causes the clippers to clog.

According to MensHaircuts, if your hair is too long, consider reducing the size by giving it a big chop. Leave the hair at 1 inch long or slightly longer. Use a #4 to trim the hair around your head to the length that you want. Shave from the top of your head and make the head look uniform using the straight, front, and back motions. Stream your style by clipping the edges of the neck and the area near the ears.

How Should I Style a Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is effortless to style and maintain even for the less experienced DIYers. After you have taken a shower, use a towel to rub your hair. You can also use some products to keep your style in place and make it pop. Splash some coconut oil on your scalp. This gives your hair a lovely smell and keeps the scalp healthy.

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